BP Innocent?

A White House report released today largely exonerates BP for the Gulf of Mexico oil catastrophe earlier this year.   Assuming the report is correct, notwithstanding the many experts who have pointed to various reckless actions by BP immediately prior to the Deepwater Horizon explosion that killed 11, the case against deepwater drilling is greatly strengthened.  For if BP acted responsibly then it is impossible to guard against huge gushers into environmentally sensitive areas.  To protect our terribly compromised environment, all deepwater drilling should be halted and a carbon tax immediately implemented.

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3 Responses to BP Innocent?

  1. Denica De Foy says:

    I feel that Halliburton is responsible, along with BP and TO > They shut down oil rigs to fluctuate the market, I think that is what they were doing here. We are never going to know the truth because we can’t pay for it.

  2. Arlen says:

    BP has been exonerated, nobody has been charged with destroying CIA torture tapes, and virtually nobody prosecuted for the financial meltdown, war crimes, and all the other illegalities of the Bush administration, It is clear the Obama administration and AG Eric Holder are encouraging future criminal acts by not holding the rich and well-connected accountable for their crimes.

  3. peter says:

    Hi Hal..just heard that the Justice dept is going to SUE BP over the oil spill..breaking news just a bit ago….At least it’s something in the right direction..

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