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4 Responses to Watch and Listen Now!

  1. Gregg says:

    Hi Hal, I thing that your website needs a face lift.
    Making it more visual.
    Being templet based does not restrict you from making some background ( Code ) changes.
    Websites that offer more enticing visuals also have viewerstay longer, participate more and engage their thought and views.
    Imagine computing without a graphics card… like the old days.
    I will send you some examplesto look at.

    • halginsberg says:

      Thanks Gregg. This is a work in progress and I am always looking for ways to make the site more dynamic.

  2. Harold says:

    While listening to your show I cannot go to any other page on your website without disconnecting from “Listen Now”

    • halginsberg says:

      Harold – this is a limitation of the software. The Listen Now link opens in a new tab on your browser. Once you have opened it and are listening, go to the previously opened tab and you can browse easily from there.

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