A bad night for Hillary Clinton

Tuesday night was a bad night for Clinton.  Regardless of how she and her allies spin it, the reality is she lost a midwestern state that Obama won in 2008, a week after she all but wrapped up the Democratic nomination.

Worse for her is Trump clinched the Republican nomination.  He can pivot to spend all his time attacking her while she’ll continue to be dogged by “friendly” fire.  In addition, it appears she may now have to answer questions about her rules-flouting decision to maintain her emails on a private server not at the State Department as she was unquestionably required to do.

Agencies that allow employees to send and receive official electronic mail messages using a system not operated by the agency must ensure that Federal records sent or received on such systems are preserved in the appropriate agency record keeping system.

36 CFR 1236.24 (Oct 2, 2009) (emphasis supplied).

She is absolutely the favorite to win the general election and Trump is even more despised than she is.  Still Tuesday went about as badly for her as it could have gone.  To guarantee victory in November, she must improve her acting skills.  She claims to care about the people but most people don’t believe her.  She’s needs to figure out a way to convince at least a few of in the teeth of the evidence.

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2 Responses to A bad night for Hillary Clinton

  1. Pat says:

    I think she’s almost completely focused on the General Election. Apparently, she didn’t spend any money on advertising in Indiana. That might have made a difference. Bottom line is: she knows that Bernie can’t catch her, and she’s moving on.

  2. Shade says:

    Actually both of the two major parties’ presumed Presidential nominees could be facing charges before or after the election, Trump for his Trump University fraud ( http://money.cnn.com/2016/03/01/news/companies/donald-trump-university-fraud-case/ ), & HC on those crimes she committed that Dems are in complete denial on (see referances at end of post). Amazing that partisans on both sides can be so blind. I couldn’t clear a background check and get hired for just an average living-wage job if I was facing such investigations, yet the public appears to be ready to elect one of these two as our President!

    Hal, on the potential legal problems of HC, you’ve mentioned just the tip of the iceberg. If anybody thinks the FBI spends a year investigating security protocols as Hillary claims, I have a bridge to sell you… the FBI investigates crimes! The FBI is also finely honed to produce results that will justify itself and its budget. If the FBI has invested this much time and money, they undoubtedly smell a crime and at some point THEY WILL refer airtight criminal charges to the DOJ. Most likely the buck stops at HC and husband Bill, but entire Obama administration might not be too far from the crosshairs either.

    Let me suggest that many mainstream Dems are as blind to the potential of charges against HC as Republicans are to the dangers presented by environmental degradation & anthropogenic global warming. Comey, the FBI Director, is the 25,000lb Republican elephant that Dems seem to deny is in the room. Will he back off or will he charge, thus making his presence known? Only time will tell, but I’ll place wagers if anybody is game.

    The fun begins when the FBI begins to interview HC’s administrative administrative aids, and skuttlebutt is that will be soon. To help counter the threat, HC is using her millions to purchase unified representation for her minions. Some say what she is really trying to do is buy a favorable consistent story, but I’d put it more bluntly and say she is attempting to interfere with the FBI investigation. This probably won’t work for long however, as the FBI knows well how to divide and conquer. The FBI will work the ancillary perps against each other, make threats to each that they are going to be individually indicted, and then offer at least a few that have held key positions immunity. Any that take the offer must then spill their guts, else the FBI’s offer is rescinded. Hillary has big problems if the FBI can show that the most likely purpose of the home-brew server was to assist in concealing the illegal intersection of DOS activities & donations to the Clinton Foundation and/or to thwart FOIA requests (as is heavily rumored). But even if HC’s server was simply hacked, she has serious legal troubles, as she purposely and defiantly went against recommended/required security practices and thus became solely liable for any confidential leaks.

    The FBI has been digging for a year. Also you mentioned, there are FOIA demands from private parties going through courts re HC’s email. Thus I don’t think even Obama and his administration appointees can protect Hillary. The Clintons are are hated by the Republican party, and there are currently both legitimate and big-power partisans joining forces against them. Unfortunately, the Clinton’s demise must happen quickly if it’s going to help Bernie, & it looks more and more like those against them probably would prefer to delay the inevitable charges until HC is nominated if not elected.

    Bernie has understood the score against HC all along. As Bernie said right after his memorable quote on not wanting to hear more about Hillary’s damn emails, “There is a process. It’s going forward. It’s an FBI investigation. We want to let it go through without politicizing it & then we’ll find out what the situation is.” Jane Sanders, Bernie’s wife & a key adviser recently said “And that’s how we still feel”, though she also added during the same interview that “it would be nice” [if the FBI moved their investigation into HC] “along.” I’ve always suspected it was Hillary’s weak legal position re her emails that served as the tipping point that gave Bernie the impetus to run.

    Reference articles: Hillary Clinton’s Felony. The federal laws violated by the private server. http://www.dailykos.com/story/2015/08/28/1416309/-Hillary-Clinton-s-Felony-The-federal-laws-violated-by-the-private-server

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