A Plea for Civility

I am disappointed at the lack of respect that KRXA listeners have been showing each other and hosts on the air, in the chatroom, and at talkback.  I recognize that I have said things that have irritated some listeners just as other hosts and callers have said things that have annoyed me.  In the hope of establishing a more civil tone, I am going to renew my efforts to treat all callers to my show, hosts of shows that I call, and commentators at www.krxa540.com politely and respectfully.  Specifically, I resolve to avoid insulting or dismissive language, or a condescending tone.  This does not mean that I will show respect for every opinion expressed or treat all callers identically.

I expect that all of KRXA’s local hosts, callers, and commentators on the website will, likewise, commit to treat each other with dignity.  To promote a more civil atmosphere, I will no longer post comments that denigrate other listeners.   While I cannot prevent messages from being added to the chatroom in real time and I am not going to review earlier posts to determine whether people crossed the line, from now on if I find people abusing each other or overreacting to perceived slights by flaming others, I will suspend their chatroom posting privileges.  Obscenities and personal attacks will not be tolerated.  To be clear, vigorous debates about controversial issues are strongly encouraged but, within our radio family, disagreements about facts or solutions should never degenerate into mudslinging or vitriol.

It is my hope that KRXA will serve as a beacon to progressives and under its aegis we can work together to build a better society.  This cannot happen if we expend precious time and energy attacking each other.

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6 Responses to A Plea for Civility

  1. pdbird says:

    Calling julius “foolius” on the air is just as bad as anything that has been happening on KRXA. I value julius’s contributions and while he may be a little to much for some listeners, he is far from stupid or foolish. It amazes me that a host could read the call for civility,and then turn around and call someone a name,almost in the same breath..How is that not a personal attack? cheers

  2. While I applaud your plea for civility, overzealous censorship would be even a bigger problem. I would recommend caution in censoring comments except in the most egregious of cases (for example if physical violence or legal action is threatened).

    Some on this site are just a bit too sensitive. One seems to have a self-fulfilling persecution complex. We are all big boys and girls & should know how to ignore the nonsense. It takes two to Tango. Only a very insecure person could be hurt by anything said on this site.

    A little name-calling in fun or even in anger is not so bad. In the case of Foolius, CrazyBob, Midas, and Propellerhead, the shoe fits. They and their continually insane comments should be denounced and marginalized in every way possible. Just as you should be for jetting around the world and then preaching to your mostly blue-collar audience that we pay too little for the lesser amounts of carbon we must use just to survive and can already barely afford. (I presented this here to make the point about censorship. What part of my post are you going to alter or censor without changing the meaning and presentation intended Hal? Or will you just conveniently silence my voice by banning or suspending me? Is that what your station and your politics is about? And why the prolonged ban of Julius from the chatroom?)

    BTW, Julius was the first to ever use the Foolius nickname on the station. Coach just adopted it. I agree with Billy Sunshine who said on-air that some people just deserve to be ridiculed and marginalized.

  3. coach says:

    Tweety Bird,
    It’s called Fooling around and having fun. Something you seem to not able to comprehend.

  4. hal says:

    Glad to see Couch took seriously my admonition to treat listeners with respect.

  5. Arlen says:

    Couch doesn’t have a mean bone in his body. (Some people say he doesn’t have much of a body at all 🙂

  6. bvs says:

    That was so sweet how Coach cleared up the Julius “fool us” today when Julius called as Coach quickly set the record straight with him and listeners “in fun” along with the man from LA bascially stating no biggy! It’s about having fun sometimes with integrity and respect for all! If folks take a listen to the lyrics of “Fool on the Hill” especially towards the end it was actually a compliment to Juluis! Paul McCartney says “Fool on the Hill” is about a man who is considered a fool by others, but whose foolish demeanor is actually an indication of wisdom!

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