AM 540 AM June 18 – 22

Tempis fugit fer sher. We’re more than half-way through June and the November election is looming ever closer.  Nobody covers local, state, and national races better than KRXA and no KRXA show focuses more closely on Central Coast politics than AM 540 AM.  Lots of political talk as usual this week but Coach and I will intermingle the serious with the light-hearted as well.

We’re live in our Sand City studios all week.  Call (831) 899-5792 to join the festivities.  Tip o’ the hat to Dave in Santa Cruz who urged us to make available to listeners one phone number for AM 540 AM regardless of my broadcast location.  We are in the process of doing just that and will hopefully have just one number to announce.

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Here’s what’s on tap and do expect last-minute additions as always and especially this week:


Monday –

6 – 6:30 – Coach and I recap the weekend’s news.

6:30 – Grove Market’s Lori Taylor makes your mouth water describing the delicious lunches and prepared foods available every day at KRXA’s longest-running sponsor.

6:40 – Internet Radio host Chris Bickford returns to AM 540 AM to participate in our continuing conversation about America’s obesity problems.

7:30 – Code Pink founder Medea Benjamin will be at the Peace Resource Center Monday evening at 7 to discuss her new book Drone Warfare: Killing by Remote Control.  We’ve got her first!

8:35  – Our 27th District Assembly member Bill Monning discusses the state of the State of California.  Bill received 58% of the votes in the primary election preceding November’s final in the race to represent California’s new 17th Senatorial district.

Tuesday –

7 – 7:30 – Michelle Jackson presents the P.G. Perspective.  Michelle’s special guest is Amber Lee Ettinger – better known to many millions as “Obama Girl”.

7:45 – Holistic health with Glenn Sadowsky and Optimal Health Acupuncture and Bodywork.

8- Deputy District Attorney and Monterey County Democratic Central Committee member Jimmy Panetta will discuss Vice President Joe Biden’s appearance at Carmel’s Sunset Center Wednesday morning 8:00 – 11:30am.  KRXA has free tickets for listeners. Click here for more info.

8:45 – Same great “Car Talk” segment with Juan Escamilla from Wilson’s Tire and Service 1 hour earlier.  Call Juan at (831) 476-0370.

Wednesday –

7:30 – Arlen Grossman’s Quotation Quotient is your opportunity to win a great prize.  Don’t miss Arlen’s column in the Leisure Section of every Sunday’s Monterey Herald.  Read Arlen’s latest musings at

8 – 9 – Articleman provides the finest analysis of the American political scene anywhere.

Thursday –

7 – Acclaimed pianist Roy F. Eaton returns to Monterey and our airwaves.  Roy “Plays for Peace” Friday June 22 and Saturday June 23 evenings at 7:30pm at Carmel Valley Community Chapel.  For more information, click here.

7:30 – Melinda Warner joins us from Media Matters to cast a jaundiced eye on the right-wing media machine.

8 – Blogger Jack Quirk joins us for a monthly discussion of progressive politics Catholic style.
8:45 – Eric Peterson from the Monterey County Green Party discusses all things Green.

Friday with Coach/Friday Free-for-all +

8 – Talkin’ sustainable style with Michael Baetge of SC41 Furniture at 2647 41st Avenue in Soquel.


And, every morning the stock markets are open, at 8:33, we have the Integrated Wealth Counsel Market Report.  Learn more about award-winning Investment Advisor Integrated Wealth Counsel at

Thanks for being part of KRXA!

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  1. Harvey Dosik says:

    FROM: Harvey Dosik, Obama For America, 2012, Santa Cruz
    TO: KRXA
    DATE: June 25, 2012
    SUBJECT: Public Service Announcement for: “Bake For Barack” Bake Sale “Kick-off” of 2012 campaign to re-elect President Obama

    For Release Monday June 25,- Intended to be read on-air:
    Santa Cruz has come up with its own solution to the Citizen’s United Supreme Court decision: have a good old fashioned bake sale to raise money to help re-elect President Obama. The Obama For America campaign in Santa Cruz will be hosting a “Bake for Barack” fund raising and networking event this coming Saturday, June 30, all over Santa Cruz County. No Super PACS, no T.V. commercials, no saturated media markets, just Santa Cruz volunteers who would like to talk about the election with you, and share some home made goodies at tables located around the County.
    Stop by one of the “Bake for Barack” tables in Santa Cruz, Capitola, Live Oak and Boulder Creek. This Saturday June 30th and have a cookie.
    For exact locations go to or call 420-1567 This is a PSA but what I would really like for this Very Santa Cruz Event is to be interviewed on your show. I would even get up early in the morning to do it.
    Harvey Dosik 831-420-1567

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