An online dialogue about KRXA’s Hosts

12/24/11 8am

Hi Hal

I discovered the station about 3 years ago. It’s probably longer. I live in Corralitos. I have never called the show, but have emailed a few times. I really like your show, Randi, Stephanie and Thom Hartman.

After I moved from LA in 1993 I listened to KGO. After years of listening to The hosts almost say something liberal and then double up on being fair to a conservative point of view to apologize for the liberal point of view, the Sf traffic reports, the Sf sports, the SF weather, the boring commercials and Ron Owens complete rapture when Sadam’s statue was torn down I was done with KGO. I then found Air America on KSGO in SC.

When AA went off the air I was going through the stations and found Stephanie Miller. I listened to her years ago and thought she was funny. I listened to her and then found Randi and Peter B in the afternoons.

It was much later that I gave your show a chance. Imagine how I felt when I heard you and then Karel dumping on Stephanie and Randi. If it wasn’t for them I would never have become a listener of KRXA. I let it go for awhile, but you and coach are making it a mainstay. How can you Think it is wise or entertaining to criticize your own station. It’s as though you keep hitting yourself in the head with a frying pan and then criticize yourself for it.

There is value in the way Stephanie and Randi present the president’s side of the argument. In case you don’t get it , it’s 1 of the few sources that his argument is expressed. Hal I like the station, but I am weary of the negative point of view. The other side Wants it all and is  vengeful. We don’t have the luxury of banging our head with a frying pan and complaining about ourselves even if it feels good when we stop.


PS I’m in Florida until 12/28 and won’t hear your show until the 29th, but I would like to hear a response.

12/24/11 8:30am

Hey Mike – Happy Holidays!  I will respond onair to this great letter on January 2 if I have a moment or later in the week.  But, I wanted to respond in writing to you. It is valid to point out that Stephanie and Randi express a common perspective among  democratic voters and even many who call themselves liberals and progressives.  This perspective deserves a hearing and respect.

But, those holding it are wrong to refuse to entertain other perspectives – ones which, as you know, I find closer to the mark.  My biggest problem with both Miller and Rhodes is not that they are wrong (IMHO) about Obama but that they derisively dismiss those who are right about him.  To me, this failure to acknowledge other, better grounded views, on the left is a critical failure on their part and it transforms them from honest brokers into shills of the DNC and the Obama re-election campaign.

Regarding the amount of time that Coach and I have spent criticizing Miller (we don’t usually focus on Rhodes), I think there’s a fine line between overdoing it and expressing legitimate concern about the quality of the show that precedes mine.  Frankly, I have really been disappointed at the direction that Stephanie’s show has taken of late.  I’m not talking only about 1) her unabashed worship of a President who I believe has betrayed core democratic principles on many occasions but also 2) the shameless plugging of her comedy show and album and 3) the hours upon hours spent on the shenanigans of the Republican nominees who don’t deserve nearly the amount of attention she lavishes upon them.

But, it is certainly possible that Coach and I should talk less about Miller’s show’s faults and I have been trying not to make this a mainstay.  One problem is that right before I go on the air, I’m listening to her show so it’s totally fresh in my mind and I may have difficulty going to other topics at that point.  Also, if she makes misrepresentations or ignores important policy nuances, I feel compelled to correct the record.

Anyway, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.  Have a great time in the Sunshine State!


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3 Responses to An online dialogue about KRXA’s Hosts

  1. billy sunshine says:

    a well written response

  2. mark says:

    I’d love more Stephanie, now that Greenstream is moving her. I would also suggest you behave more professionally in regards to criticism of her show. Many of us enjoy it. I listen to progressive voices all day on my computer, but don’t find the kind of humor Steph’s show presents elsewhere. Hal’s show is burdened by the same strange callers endlessly and Hal’s less than funny patter. Randi insults her listeners. Karel is about 50% re-runs. My 2 cents.

  3. Denica says:

    Mark, I agree. I have talked about this on-air w/ these guys. While Miller is not as “left” as some of us, I still think she is a Wonderful hostess. I started listening to KRXA because of Thom and Steph. Now I listen to Hal’s show as well- but it is odd to focus on the other hosts so much. Hal even had “us girls” listed in PINK! lol! Talking about it is great – only way to really see into the other point of view. Thanks for the letter!

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