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Shade:  My point Hal is that R families r involved. We cant afford 2move 2Ritzville so we more understanding of someone like Zimmerman profiling & trying 2protect us against thuggish influences. 2014-02-20 09:57:03

If ur family was here u too might make other choices but instead u get on ur high horse & criticize profiling (that isnt necessarily racist)… & then u promote $10/gal gas taxes so we cant even afford the better side of town.

Hal: Shade – I do not dispute your right to protect yourself and your family nor do I believe I have ever questioned that right.  Both Zimmerman and Dunn initiated contact with the individuals whom they killed when neither was in any physical danger whatsoever.  Likewise, there were no proximate family members or anybody else who required any protection from either Zimmerman or Dunn.

I support the concept of neighborhood watches and if Zimmerman had contented himself with notifying the police and letting them handle the situation, nobody would have been hurt and Zimmerman wouldn’t be a sought-after interview.

I don’t remember criticizing profiling at least not recently.  That said, I think, profiling based on race, is a pernicious practice and we (almost certainly) saw the most tragic results of the practice in the killings of Trayvon Martin and Jordan Dunn.

Your comments regarding my family are inapposite.  Our neighborhood experiences break-ins just like virtually every other.  We do not live in a gated community nor does our house or any other house in our neighborhood have a security gate or fence.  Several years ago the beltway snipers committed a murder within a 1/2 mile of the house.  One of the reasons that I am glad we have Ginger is because she barks very loudly whenever she sees strangers – especially ones who come to our house – and is very protective of my wife.

As I have said on numerous occasions, I take seriously your concerns about the negative implications of a gas tax on working and middle-class families.  My proposal to return monies collected to all Americans on a per capita basis would put more money in the pocket of most members of the 99% than it would take out and presumably make better neighborhoods affordable to some of them.  Still, I would want to make sure that those with moderate incomes and below who drive more than the average number of miles for reasons beyond their control receive additional assistance to transition to a more efficient lifestyle.  Your comments have made me more aware of the need for this remedy.

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  1. Shade says:

    Wow Hal, I feel honored at such a detailed response, especially since I know you much prefer to talk than to write. I can’t say I can found much to disagree with you on (as you stated things here), although I will address a few minor points. It is your endless hours of stilted on-air opinion on issues which you preach impossible to implement idealist solutions (that couldn’t work even if enacted) that most often upsets me. What upset me most recently though was your attempt to defend your opinion on the Zimmerman case by disingenuously blurring the distinct lines between Zimmerman’s actions & the reprehensible actions of Dunn.

    That said, I don’t like putting all my eggs in the Zimmerman basket (any more than I liked it when the Left insisted on to putting all its eggs in the basket that tried to villainize him). The man is insignificant in the big picture & worse, I agree he likely a creep. I am also uncomfortable defending the White side of the racial divide as I am mostly in agreement with minority concerns (except that I disagree with their general consensus on the verdicts in a few exceptional cases such as on Zimmerman & O.J.).

    I believe Zimmerman was merely profiling for behaviors that weren’t typically seen in the neighborhood. Zimmerman said to the police dispatcher that Trey was walking near the condo buildings on wet grass (instead of on the sidewalk) & he seemingly was checking out the windows & doorways. While Trey may have been only attempting to stay dry, this behavior is also typical of kids who are not hardened criminals but who are on lookout to commit crimes of opportunity. This is a street behavior you might not understand. When the dispatcher asked Zimmerman for additional descriptive specifics, Zimmerman said he thought Trey was Black & that he was wearing a hoodie. Trey’s behaviors as expressed to the dispatcher, combined with the fact that there had been a series of burglaries in the neighborhood by Black male youths, was clearly enough to legitimately arouse suspicion.

    Zimmerman was obviously emboldened by his gun. That said, I think it was Trey that confronted Zimmerman after sizing him up for the unfit tub of lard he was (even at that time). Trey’s honor was on the line, and the unfit tub of lard had disrespected him. (You might have to live here to understand that common street mindset.) Zimmerman wasn’t nearly as invested in a creating a violent confrontation, and evidence for this is the fact that nothing even remotely like this shooting had ever occurred during his numerous previous patrols. I also heard nothing to make me believe Zimmerman “had it out” for Black kids. In fact, Zimmerman was actually involved in rearing several Black children that were relatives of his.

    Like the jury (& many others who live in crime-ridden working-class communities), I felt that the evidence presented in the Zimmerman case wasn’t sufficient to convict him of murder. As you say, it would have been smarter for Zimmerman to stay in his truck. However, Zimmerman was within his rights following Trey to see what he was up to (& Zimmerman was already out of his truck following Trey when the dispatcher, who has no authority, told him “We don’t need you to do that”). In addition, Zimmerman told the dispatcher that he was only continuing on to find a street-sign & that Trey was no longer in sight. I don’t believe Zimmerman had the physical conditioning to chase down Trey so logic tells me Trey came back looking to give Zimmerman a whooping.

    If Trey attacked first (as makes most street-sense to me), Zimmerman had a right to defend himself. Street-fights are by definition potentially lethal affairs & not the time to hold back. While use of the gun ideally would have only been a last resort, I don’t think Zimmerman was in good enough physical condition to handle the fight in any other way. Trey, as is typical of basketball players, was lean but strong and in good overall physical condition. He also dabbled in the martial arts.

    As for your living in Kensington, M.D., I don’t believe that it is only the schools there that offer a better environment. For the most part, schools can only reflect the populations they serve. (Only Republicans trying to divert public school funding to their cronies claim that schools can really overcome regional problems such as poverty.) I therefore have to believe there is a different street-culture in Kensington. I suspect that influences you don’t even know about do the dirty work of profiling & making those that are up to no good (or that don’t belong in the neighborhoods) feel unwelcome.

    If you don’t believe there is a difference between our two regions, I invite you to let me select some neighborhoods of Salinas for you to walk around at night, something I suspect you could probably do safely in more areas of Kensington than here. To ensure a quick & sure death, be sure to prominently wear either bright red or blue (in opposition to any colors you might see others on the street displaying).

    I don’t think you really understand what we are up against in trying to protect our families & neighborhoods, though you knew enough to move your family away. In fairness though, I do recognize that your decision to retreat to Kensington was primarily driven by your wife (who is likely more practical & less idealistic than you… how could she not be? LOL.) You might be surprised to learn that I actually agree it was the right decision for your family. I only give you a bad time because this decision was obviously the wrong one for the our Mother Earth environment (that you always preach we must save regardless of the personal costs).

    As for your plan of returning all the Carbon-tax collected on gas, it would be too little, too late for anybody living paycheck to paycheck (& unfortunately that is the vast majority of us). No way could it be administered timely & fairly enough, not to mention that returning the money in the way you suggest leaves no money for investment in new technologies. Any money that does come out of the economy to develop & implement technology will be missed most by those on the financial edge (even if you return the gas-tax you collect from them) because it will drive up their other costs. It would take a long time for new technology to bear enough financial fruit to raise all boats (mixed metaphor but I’m tired). Besides, gas for driving isn’t even the major contributor to the CO2 problem. That problem now is primarily caused by using coal to manufacture our stuff in China & the rest of the third world, utilizing minimal if any pollution standards.

    I think you need to look at some CO2 pie charts & rethink your environmental solutions. Personally, I think gradually increasing tariffs would do more positive things for our economy & our environment than a Draconian carbon tax. For the most part, only expensive small-scale specialty production & weapons production manufacturing remains here. I bid you goodnight for now.

  2. P.D.Bird says:

    Hearing you refer to Salinas in comparison to Kensington is not even funny. Hal used to work in DC,where i grew up and can tell u makes salinas look like a joke. Salinas is halla safe compared. truth.
    Also,ur statement that” I think it was Trey that confronted Zimmerman ” Proves ur lack of connection with the “Street cred”Street exp u seem to profess to have.
    P.S. I would love to take u up on ur salinas challenge. Afterward i would love to have u visit Dundalk,anacostia or SE DC.
    Ur talking out ur ass shade,and its very disappointing to hear/read.

    • Shade says:

      You’re right I don’t know the area P.D. & I’ve done little checking but if the public schools that Hal’s kids attend are that much better than those in our area (as Hal claims), it is a reflection of the wealth & the values of those that live in Kensington. Can someone explain some other reason for the difference in the schools?

  3. P.D.Bird says:

    “I believe Zimmerman was merely profiling for behaviors that weren’t typically seen in the neighborhood.” Yeah…black people.

  4. P.D.Bird says:

    Shade_ Montgomery County MD has some of the best public schools in the country. Its because the people who work in federal/state govt LIVE IN Mont co…I was fortunate enough to attend 2nd-9th grade at Montgomery co schools..Top notch

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