As good as it gets

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5 Responses to As good as it gets

  1. Charles in Monterey says:

    We need Sander’s judgement and Hillary’s experience. Maybe she will accept vice-presidency?

  2. Shade says:

    It may be a necessary evil to reunite the party. I suspect Hillary would accept, much as she did when Obama offered her Secretary of State. This assumes Hillary isn’t indicted first for her handling of classified material and for the questionable intersection of her Dept of State activities with the Clinton Foundation and Bill’s speaking fees (I think the indictment is more likely).

    I would be otherwise be OK with this idea as long as Bernie doesn’t pull a Scalia and die “early” at age 79. Bernie is amazing… he’s got 19 years on me, but I get exhausted just sitting at a computer & trying to follow his daily activities. Here is how he spent the evening of the New Hampshire primary, after keeping an incredible schedule for weeks and months before:

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