Beau Biden’s Death

beauFor the nation, Beau Biden’s death is a far greater tragedy than the death of a 46-year old budding Republican political star would be. Republicans have inflicted grievous, perhaps irreparable, injuries on our nation and the world at large. The potential damage resulting from the loss of a likely bulwark against conservative hegemony can’t be overstated.

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2 Responses to Beau Biden’s Death

  1. Fia says:

    My condolences go out to Vice President Biden and his family. I got a chance to see a little bit of the Beau Biden’s service and it was truly beautiful and heartbreaking. There was so much love in the room for him. One of the most touching and powerful moments was seeing President Obama hug Vice President Biden, you could feel the love in that hug. We lost a beautiful person. R.I.P. Beau Biden

  2. My heartfelt condolences to the Biden Family. More so to the Vice President. I always knew there was something familiar in his eyes. After hearing his speech about the loss of his wife and daughter. It was looking into a mirror and seeing my own eyes.
    It was like hearing the echo of my voice all those years back. The friends who all meant well, the finally understanding that sometimes an act of suicide is no cowardice. I used the think if God was a living being across the street I would like to ask him why. I hated God. With a passion. Like The Vice President says. That too will pass. Amber could have been 27 years now. We carry her always with us. I am 61 years now. ( now widowed.) But with such loving kids and 3 grand kids. We have been to the mountain. Thanking for speaking for me. After so many years. Thank you for being the Man you are. The Daddy and grand dad. The Vice President to President Obama.

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