SandersClintonBlack Lives Matter organizers have launched Campaign Zero as part of their fight against police violence. At their website, they grade several of the Presidential candidates on a 10-point scale. Bernie Sanders rates highest with a score of 8. Hillary Clinton received a 2.

Hailing Bernie’s “authenticity and “integrity”, prominent progressive African-American intellectual and civil rights activist Dr. Cornel West has officially endorsed “brother” Bernie Sanders.

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2 Responses to #berniesoblack

  1. Charles Wilson says:

    Go Bernie!

  2. ​Shade says:

    Bernie will be 10 out of 10 as soon as he sees this list. The two points that are missing look like errors of omission, not like anything that Bernie would disagree with. Bernie does have to overcome that he looks so much like a stereotypical old, straight-laced, white male. I’m glad he is beginning to overcome that.

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