Hillary Clinton’s policies are fueling Islamic terrorism

Major causes of the rise of ISIS and Islamic terror against the West now are:

1) Thirteen years of instability and disorder in Iraq due to the Bush/Cheney war which Clinton supported.

2) Anarchy in Libya which resulted from regime change in 2011 which Clinton championed.

3) The United States’s nearly undeviating support for Israel no matter how brutal her methods of suppressing and oppressing Palestinians. This is exactly the policy Clinton supports.

4) Global warming and the closely connected water crisis in the Middle East which have driven millions of subsistence farmers off the land and into overcrowded cities. Clinton, as Secretary of State, championed fracking which requires millions of gallons of fresh water and results in more greenhouse gas emissions.

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2 Responses to Hillary Clinton’s policies are fueling Islamic terrorism

  1. Shade says:

    For the sake of the economy and the well-being of families, I’m glad the price of energy has gone down. Fracking has played a big part in this. I suspect that more than anything else we’ve done, it saved us from a much more serious recession.

    The trick now will be to utilize the current window of opportunity of low energy prices & a (slowly) growing economy to spark a renewable energy economy. Fracking needs to be more heavily regulated, perhaps in many cases banning it from being done with water (instead of an initially costly but more environmentally friendly liquid-propane gel). And a tax needs to be collected while wells produce sufficient to seal wells deep underground after they are no longer commercially viable (else 50 years from now we will have thousands of “Porter Ranch” events from failed casings on surface-capped wells). To some extent some of this is already happening, but none of it is happening fast enough.

  2. Shade says:

    There’s a lot to criticize about Hillary Clinton, but let’s not act as if she is solely to blame for global warming. The excessive use of fossil fuels is something that most of us in this country share guilt on. And fracking has not been a complete disaster. Due to our trade policies, without fracking, I suspect our economy would currently be a complete disaster & survival, not Greener energy production might be what is most on our minds.

    Glad to hear you are finally going solar Hal. For those who can’t directly go solar themselves, there are now options to pay the little extra it costs to have the amount of electricity you use each month produced in a Green manner elsewhere (thus offsetting your carbon-fuel use by allowing others to use the Green power you enable to be produced used in place of having to generate even more fossil-fueled electric power).

    Even PG&E now offers an overpriced version of “purchasing offetting Green power” here : http://www.pge.com/solarchoice (at 3.58 Cents/kWh extra). PG&E justifies the jacked-up rate (compared to other third-party options) claiming they feel it is only fair that Green electricity ratepayers still be required to pay the “stranded generation costs” of their fossil-fuel equipment (i.e. your Green energy purchase would otherwise “shift to standard rate-payers” “your share” of the price to build and maintain PG&E’s standard production facilities). More detailed explanation here: http://tinyurl.com/PGE-stranded-costs

    Arcadia Power is a much less expensive (third-party option); their price usually comes in at less than half the extra cost that PG&E wants: http://www.arcadiapower.com/faq Arcadia Power charges only 1.50 Cents/kWh extra, with a minimum of $5/mo extra (to cover billing processing costs). Thus most people would pay Arcadia Power well under $10/mo extra to generate an equivalent amount of Green power.

    With Arcadia Power, you remain connected to PG&E (or your other current electricity provider). Your PG&E bill automatically goes to Arcadia each month and you pay your entire energy bill through Arcadia Power (via auto-pay credit or debit card). For those of us with cash-back credit cards (and unlike with PG&E) you can earn cash-back on your entire household energy bill each month at no extra charge (& thus receive some of the extra cost of your Green purchase back)!

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