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I have been working hard to find a job so I have not had extra time for conversation lately.
I loved that you took the time to respond back to me and that’s just one reason I appreciate you so much. Because I respect you, your show and the broader progressive movement you are engaged in, I have to be honest when I say you are veering off track.

Hal, leave Michelle Obama alone period. What does this criticism do for us today? How will it help my joblessness in this moment? Come on Hal! Have a segment on which companies are hiring on the Monterey Peninsula! What good is attacking Michelle going to do? And for that matter, I believe you bought the BAIT Hal. Conservatives love you to join in on the haterism, and you do! Clearly, you are jumping on the OBAMA BASHING BANDWAGON. Please refocus yourself and the program today.

These are not the same times, congress, or political climate as Eleanor Roosevelt was living in. You know in past times when people did not agree, they referred to the problem being with “the administration” but now, you and others are truly guilty of leadership attack. Who would ever want the job after this. Focus on the POLICY not the PERSON.

One fatal flaw that I do attribute to the administration is…NOT SETTING EXECTATIONS for the American people. In other words, we can do a, b, c but we cannot do x, y, and z
so that people like you do not expect perfection. You know it’s progress, not perfection HAL. I have heard so much negativity and criticism from you about the Obamas that I believe you are officially becoming a hater Hal.

Oh, and you keep demanding that OBAMA be more aggressive. Lord knows what the history has shown happens to aggressive black men. Come on Hal!!!! He is the president for all the people now. He has to speak for all the family and that means the conservatives too. Bashing the republicans at every corner does not show cooperative leadership Hal. And when he was doing that, people complained that he was complaining.

President Obama is doing the best and the most he can given the environment! You know that other Presidents have not made nearly the progress on so many varied, urgent and critical issues. And what we got in the past was a trickle down of one or two policies but never the type of policy change we are getting, and that he continues fighting for (e.g. healthcare, etc.) I am out of work and I can say, I still see the good because it was much worst before President Obama came for example, the American economy was crashing.

Hal, please put your expectations in the context of an extremely hostile environment in which the executive branch has only limited power.

At the end of the day, I still thank you so much for all your hard work.

Dr. V

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  1. Reid Berry says:

    Again I wake up, turn on your show and I hear your bromance with Reasonable Conservative continues. Such a nice Liberal you are to open your airwaves to conservative ideas. I know that I have a hard time finding these conservative ideas in the mass media. Thanks so much. Snark of course but what the hell? Reasonable conservative = oxymoron! A vote for Sarah Palin, Paul Ryan, John McCain or Mitt Romney for president is not reasonable. You are following in the footsteps of the mainstream news medias “lightweight liberals” who take such delight to prove that they can see both sides of the issue. There is a class war going on and our side, is losing. Thank god for KPFA in Berkeley as a listening alternative to conservative apologias I have no time for.

  2. The Lesser Rusty says:

    I think having RC onboard is good.

    TRUE! “There is a class war going on and our side is losing”
    Couldn’t disagree in any way, Mr. Berry. For instance, the spill of 4-methylcyclohexane methanol in unregulated West Virginia has distressed me this week in the way it reveals the culture of America that WANTS to be owned and abused by the 1%. There’s a lot of willful en-slavement in America, and it’s always generated an fight response in me. The red mist of Battle! and a loathing that caller Fred expresses for all Righties.

    BUT I haven’t gotten anywhere with that attitude. I’ve won no battles in those wars.

    IMO, having a conversation with RC is a positive, because it lowers our drawbridge and allows the conservative listener the chance to hear our ideas and perhaps crossover, or at least critically think about the crap they hear.

    If we would like the media of the Right to have a fair conversation with us on their turf, I believe we should offer he same.

    Taking a cue from Saturday’s Aspire, where Mr. Penn works with Gandhi-attributed aphorism “Be the change you want to see in the world” This is where I’ve been trying to come from lately.

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