First Halcast

Jack beat me to the punch as he posted this on his facebook page yesterday. If you didn’t see it there, here’s my first videocast. Feedback is definitely desired. I know it’s long (although I hope you find it rewarding) and the cam is almost solely on Jack. I’ll be working on both issues.  So, most future Halcasts will be pithier with (slightly) more dynamic video. Here’s what I especially like: the audio quality is very good and I think the video is surprisingly clean even though Jack was on an iPhone.

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6 Responses to First Halcast

  1. la ladrona creta says:

    Nice interview, Hal. Sound quality was generally good, although Jacks’ voice dropped out a little
    occasionally and your side was a couple of dbs above his. A split screen of both of you simultaneously
    would be great, in the event that may be arrangable. Catholic Jack looks like a mashup of a Trappist
    monk and a ZZ Top and has a keen, insightfull way of perceiving reality. Don’t worry, Hal, be happy
    and maybe consider resigning as general manager of the universe (from the book Imagineering,
    about various pathways to creative expression in many realms) and grow some organic vegetables
    to eat and share with hungry people. Or whatever will satisfy your soul. Thanks for the ideas

  2. Jason Spitzer says:

    Great to have you back on the “air”, Hal! Slightly unnerving to be up in this gnarly lookin’ biker dude’s grill for most of the hour, but otherwise it was an enlightening and engaging chat. I’m looking forward to more.

  3. halginsberg says:

    Thanks Herb and Jason. Regarding Herb’s points, I am trying to present a split screen but I’m not sure if I currently have powerful enough hardware and current-enough software to do that. I will keep trying. Otherwise, I am going to see if I can at least have more back and forth between guest and host. This Monday with Danny “Thoughtwrestler” Cardwell and “Listen to Cliston” Brown, I am hoping to have natural camera movement from one speaker to the other. I will also do my best to have all audio levels even.

  4. Congratulations on this new format, Hal. My only suggestions are that the screen be larger (only ⅓ of the screen is being used) and the sound level needs work (as you mentioned). Yes, a split-screen would be nice if you are able to do it. The interview with Jack was good.

  5. In addition, Hal, it’s too long. 30 minutes are better than a hour for most viewers, I think.

  6. Shade says:

    Hal, you missed the obvious question for Catholic Jack. Given that his overriding concern is to tell others what they must do or not do with their own bodies, it wouldn’t surprise me if he voted for Trump & possibly a straight Republican ticket. Jack is right he doesn’t speak for the Catholic Church, he is probably more “conservative” on the above issues than is the current Pope. To me, such “high moral standards” are on par with those of a rapist.

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