Help out the needy this Thanksgiving!

KRXA friend and sponsor Integrated Wealth Counsel has generously offered to match 1 for 1 turkeys given by listeners to the Salvation Army up to 100 total.  If you wish to be participate, please make sure:  1) To bring a turkey by the end of Tuesday 11/22 to one of the following two locations in Monterey County: 800 Scott Street, Sand City or 2460 North Main, Salinas.  2) Tell the Salvation Army representative that the turkey is part of the KRXA Integrated Wealth effort.  3) Email Sheila at or call her at (831) 624-3317 to advise her that you have donated a turkey.  Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. THANK YOU INTEGRATED WEALTH COUNSEL! We have had at least 17 turkeys show up today!
    What a wonderful community we live in here on the central coast thanks to you and your listeners!

  2. I’m afraid this promotion was too short & not well publicized enough to generate much of a response. To help improve the counts, I emailed Shelia and asked if Todd would also consider matching turkey donations we made to Dorothy’s Kitchen. However, I afraid a promotion this short would only get decent numbers if Todd agreed to donate a turkey for every listener that choked a chicken rather than donated a turkey (and if he required no proof). LOL

    Dorothy’s got 40 turkeys today, about 1/2 they would like to receive before Thanksgiving. It’s still not too late to donate a non-frozen bird. When dropping off donations to Dorothy’s, it is best to walk the donation in yourself. Do not accept offers to help unless you know you can trust the helper. Also, stay out of the neighborhood at night.

  3. I hope nobody read that I personally donated 40 turkeys to Dorothy’s. However, I do hope my contribution gets counted (I have yet to receive an acknowledgement from Shelia re my actual much more meager count). I’d give 40 if I had $500k loose to invest with Todd though. LOL

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