Hillary Clinton is who we thought she was

Whoever hacked the DNC, Russia or somebody else, and sourced Wikileaks only confirmed that Hillary Clinton is who we thought she was.

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  1. Shade says:

    As unhappy as I was with what we knew we were getting with Hillary, I figured she was going to win and our nation was going to be OK. I was gut-wrenched as I watched the press report that the Democratic party Hillary carried the mantle for was losing to Trump. Now our only hope is that Trump will have the guts to stand up to his advisers and his party when they carry things too far – that perhaps might happen if the public stops showing Trump love.

    Unfortunately Trump at this point has only shown us he is an amoral money-grubber who, for the sake of convenience, has firmly aligned himself with the Right. One gets the impression that Trump really doesn’t care that much about anything as long as he stays in the limelight and he (and his family) are able to continue to enrich themselves. Therefore, expect Trump to attempt to privatize everything, as this will certainly be the best for his wallet.

    The trouble with the “free market” (the way Republicans run it) is there isn’t enough real competition. Instead of competing in ways that expand the economy, big business finds it can more easily pad its profit by consolidating into virtual monopolies, overcharging, cutting labor costs, and offering consumers less and less for the money – a process that enriches a few but strangles the economy for the middle class.

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