Hotter than ever!

For the third straight year, earth’s temperatures set a record high.

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  1. Shade says:

    Don’t worry, the insane combo of Trump & Kim Jong-un might bring us a nuclear winter. However, Trump can avoid resolving AGW in that way – he just needs to appoint Dennis Rodman, who is friends with both leaders, as our North Korea special emissary. LOL.

    Seriously, given Trump’s bent, the more serious problem (due to the number of nukes, the economics, & the other potential weaponry involved) is China – or Russia if our military industrial complex and our intel services have their way. Some seemingly would have us go to war with Russia for what I consider to be dime-store “off-the-shelf” hacking – that was as likely initiated by Republican operatives as it was by a state sponsor (though I suspect both parties ultimately got involved). Lock the damn cyber-doors and let’s get on with our business. Everybody knows our NSA, CIA, black-ops, etc have done much worse things. Our complaints against Russia in this matter are all holier than thou B.S. in my opinion.

    Mankind faces a lot of challenges if he is to survive in the long term. Besides the threats of war, famine, plague or disease (natural or man-caused), there are a couple of super-volcanoes that even within our lifetime, could throw up enough ash & sulfur to give life as we know it on earth a “hard reset”. And then there is the chance of an asteroid strike, against which we are equally helpless. Sure am glad I never had children that I need to worry about.

    Sorry I’m a little pessimistic here. I just suffered through a couple of hours of a storm-induced power outage. Nothing like unplugging from our high-tech world of comforts for even a few hours to give one a strong dose of reality in regard to how puny man really is. I’m not saying we shouldn’t try to decrease man’s environmental impact. I’m just saying that given the technology we already have, global warming isn’t really that much of a tough nut for us to crack. Yet we don’t do it. So what chance does mankind have in being able to successfully meet his other challenges?

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