If there’s any reason for hope, it’s in the candidacies of Bernie, Tulsi, and Warren

There are three Democratic Presidential candidates who truly understand the essential immorality of and existential threat posed by A) wealth and income inequality and B) the military industrial complex which have combined forces to make C) anthropogenic global warming, unstoppable. Fortunately, all three are among the 11 who have qualified for the primary debate stage based on both polling and number of donors.

You hear plenty about Bernie (much of it misleading and negative) and Elizabeth Warren. Interestingly Tulsi Gabbard is hardly ever mentioned in the corporate media except perhaps on MSNBC which deigns to join “liberal” outlets like HuffPost, Kos, and Salon to smear her. https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/heres-how-the-democrats-will-limit-the-debate-field-if-too-many-people-qualify/

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  1. Shade says:

    I’m glad to hear you say good words about Elizabeth Warren. Although I’ve not fully forgiven her for not supporting Bernie in the last election, this time around she seems to be the candidate with the most specific practical ideas about how to actually get things done. Bernie now seems too inclined to “play it safe” and not say anything too controversial. Bernie has credible talking points, but now more than ever, he avoids expressing too many specifics and/or opinions on topics such as a foreign policy that take him too far out of the corporate mainstream.

    On the topic of health care, I support initially restrengthening the ACA, adding a public option, and phasing in Medicare for All. Check out what they are doing in Washington state. https://www.seattletimes.com/seattle-news/state-public-health-care-plan-clears-washington-house/ I support this type of incremental change. If we try for instantaneous change on too massive a scale and get it even slightly wrong to where jobs in the health field are too rapidly affected (lost) and/or to where some in the middle-class who currently have health insurance end up even temporarily worse off (for any reason), the voting public may revolt against Progressive politics for a generation.

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