I’m off Thursday April 21

Back on Friday the 22nd.

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  1. Larry Freitas says:

    Clinton basically won the primary because she got the African-American vote and the Hispanic-American, especially Mexican-American voters. It’s that plain and simple. Sanders message did not resonate with those voters overall, especially those over 45. Some younger ones might have voted for Sanders, but not the older voters. There might have been some election fraud here and there, but not overall. The San Jose Mercury reported yesterday that many young Sanders supporters actually did not vote in California the other day! Why? Maybe because AP anointed Clinton the winner the day before. But I also would say that many of those showing at his rallies might have not bothered to register so that they could have voted for the Democratic. When you get down to it various states had election laws that made it difficult for anyone to change their registration, or even register. I do have a solution to the primary season: First, no one could even announce until April of the POTUS election year; second, all primaries (50 + territories) held the first weekend of June, no caucuses; third, open primaries with same-day registration.

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