Incurable Romantics

Worldly wisdom has it that Sanders supporters are sentimental while Clinton’s cohorts are cerebral.  In endorsing Hillary, the Des Moines Register decided:

Iowa Democrats will have to choose between the lofty idealism of Bernie Sanders and the down-to-earth pragmatism of Hillary Clinton. For some, this will be a choice of whether to vote with their hearts or their heads.

Last week Paul Krugman grudgingly acknowledged Bernie’s single-payer healthcare proposal might be best if we were starting from scratch.  But it’s not politically feasible so he plumps for Hillary’s more modest tinkers to the  Obamacare “kludge” with which we’re currently saddled.

“Very serious people” are telling Green Mountain girls and boys everywhere that Bernie’s great at diagnosing what ails us but his prescriptions have virtually no chance of being filled.  Forsake your hopes for a truly equitable society and accept Hillary’s realistic call for modest achievable reforms they implore.  Nevertheless, the once-upon-a-time Senator from New York is the candidate with incurably romantic followers – ones who embrace illusion over cold hard facts.

The Secretary’s stalwarts are the ones who claim the millions of dollars she’s collected for giving a handful of speeches to investment bankers play no role in her decision to oppose a new Glass-Steagall.  They believe the one-time Goldwater girl will be tougher on Goldman Sachs goldbrickers.  Hillary’s heroes scoff at the notion she might be a little soft on CEOs who have put over $100 million dollars in the books of the formerly broke former first family.

Clinton’s cohorts believe her dubious diatribes against Bernie’s single-payer health care proposal come straight from her heart and head.  They rest assured the Republican Senators and Congressmen who have voted dozens of times to defund Obamacare will rapidly respond to her call for costly improvements.  Doubts as to her steadfastness do not dampen the dreams of Clinton’s cabal even when they learn of more millions conferred upon the Wellesley Young Republican by health insurers and for-profit providers.

Romantic Rodham rooters carry complete confidence their candidate is best for her sex.  Denigrating a credible sexual assault claimant dogging the big dog and excusing his confirmed close-to copulatory congress with a subordinate less than half his age do not detract from her feminist credentials.  Hillary’s helpful helpers insist speeches saluting the sovereign of Singapore – center of sex slavery and human trafficking – don’t denote diminished determination to help oppressed girls and women overcome.

To the Clinton committed, the first black President’s first lady’s commitment to racial justice is as real as her landing in Sarajevo under fire.  Harrumphing in 2008 that “hard-working white Americans” won’t support Obama didn’t reveal any hidden bias as far as they’re concerned.  For Hillary’s happy warriors, “three strikes and you’re out” legislation is so last century and taking money from prison lobbyists is so last year.

The Clinton convinced are ready right now for Hillary.  She may have been wrong on Iraq and Libya and she may support “more allied planes, more strikes” against ISIS and a “no-fly zone over Syria.  Her hawkishness may be beyond dispute but her experience is invaluable and will lead America to a better place donchaknow?

And they say Bernie’s backers are voting with their hearts.

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  1. Face it people, Hillary Clinton is a Republican!!!

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  3. Ronald Reagan says:

    I would like to personally thank the Clintons for carrying on the Reagan tradition… and one upping Reagan on free trade, deregulation, welfare reform, and locking people (mostly minorities) up for non violent crimes for decades.. well done I say.. well done!

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