KRXA Supports Today’s SOPA Strike

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2 Responses to KRXA Supports Today’s SOPA Strike

  1. cheri says:

    I want to add my two cents on the music piracy aspect of this. I was in the music industry for 10 years and I want to assure you that the argument for protecting artists rights is a gross ‘smoking mirror’ in order to obtain total control over internet content. We can see a slice of how that has played out on Youtube. Another point is the artist Prince had the word slave on his face for over a year. It was not in response racial issues with the record label but the fact that the label (Warner)owned everything that he wrote, composed, produced, and sang.

  2. Frank in San Diego says:

    WMG (Warner Music Group)and EMI both block content on youtube using “copyright” excuses. Even the “Golden Girls” theme (Thank you for being a Friend) is blocked, for crying out loud! A good alternative for now is, they don’t blcok anything.

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