More Changes at KRXA

KRXA is pleased to announced that the Scott Dick Show is returning to KRXA’s weekday lineup.  Scott will be on live 8 – 9 Wednesday evenings.  Additionally, Scott’s Tasty Planet will air Saturdays 2-4pm.

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4 Responses to More Changes at KRXA

  1. Shade says:

    Good move Hal re the Scott Dick Show. Angie Coiro was a good move too. Interestingly, she often seems to interview guests that then quickly appear on KGO.

  2. Fia says:

    Welcome back Scott!!! Looking forward to hearing you!!!

  3. Henry says:

    Realy glad to hear Scott is returning. His show is what got me listening to KRXA in the first place.

  4. CLAUDY says:

    This message is for Scott , you mihgt want to consider that your information about being a vegetarian might be incomplete . Have you read the china study , may be you could check it out before you make this comment . And you might want to consider us out there that have to listen to this horrendous description of meat eating , It is ignorance in the biggest form

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