My Reply to Columnist Ruth Marcus

My reply to Washington Post columnist Ruth Marcus’s Hillary Clinton’s leftward illusion:

Ms. Marcus – may I ask what is the basis for your contention that a $15 minimum wage is too high?  Is your concern that it will drive jobs overseas.  If that is the case, then isn’t the solution to impose tariffs?  I can’t understand how you who probably have an income in the low to mid six-figures (and possibly much higher) believe that the folks who show you clothes at Macy’s or serve your kids at McDonald’s don’t deserve to take home $22,000 – $25,000 or so a year if they’re fortunate enough to be working full-time. 

Are you that much better than they are?

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  1. Lee Theisen says:

    Good for you. Who the devil is paying Ms. Marcus fr her extreme attacks on Hillsry Clinton. ? Someone should be investigating her associates. She is clearly a partisan. That is fine if she is on the up and up. Unfortunately, with Fox News and the Koch brothers and others of their ilk, being paid for hate and disinformation seems to be all the right wing is promoting

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