My response to the Pope’s Meeting with Kim Davis

PopeDavis The pope did the wrong thing when he met with Kim Davis. But this bad act does not negate the good that his powerful and influential words on global warming and economic injustice are doing. Like LBJ, who escalated in Vietnam while delivering on Civil Rights and the Great Society, the Pope’s legacy will be mixed. On balance though, I’ll take the ugly of a sub rosa tete-a-tete with a hateful bigot if it also means lunches with the homeless instead of Congress, insistence that man has a non-negotiable duty to preserve the environment, and public shaming of large-living Cardinals and priests.

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  1. BILLY says:

    me too………hi hal

  2. Shade says:


    The Vatican said on Friday that the pope did not mean to endorse Ms. Davis’s views. It also said he gave her no more than a typical brief greeting, despite what her lawyer described.

    The Vatican spokesman emphasized that the meeting with Ms. Davis was arranged by the office of the Vatican’s ambassador in Washington, not by anyone in Rome — including the pope. “The pope did not enter into the details of the situation of Mrs. Davis, and his meeting with her should not be considered a form of support of her position in all of its particular and complex aspects,” per a Vatican statement released Friday morning.

    At the Vatican on Friday, a spokesman, the Rev. Thomas Rosica, said the invitation had been extended by the nuncio’s office — not from Rome. “Who brought her in? The nuncio,” said Father Rosica, who is working with the Vatican’s media office in advance of a major meeting of bishops that begins this weekend. “The Nunciature was able to bring in donors, benefactors.”

    Father Rosica said of the controversy: “I would simply say: Her case is a very complex case. It’s got all kinds of intricacies. Was there an opportunity to brief the pope on this beforehand? I don’t think so. A list is given — these are the people you are going to meet.”

  3. halginsberg says:

    Thanks Shade for the update. Since my original post, information has come out showing the Pope to be innocent of the nefarious intent some have imputed to him. The day before he met with Kim Davis and many others, he warmly embraced a male student he taught decades ago with the student’s husband standing alongside.

  4. Shade says:

    Per Christine Craft (in jest), the pope actually performed an exorcism on Kim Davis in an attempt to make the evil spirit of her hate go away. Unfortunately, it didn’t work.

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