NFL Picks Week 9

San Diego at Miami
Arlen – Miami
Hal – San Diego

Jax at Cincy
Hal – Cincy
Arlen – Cincy

Tampa Bay at Cleveland
Arlen – Cleveland
Hal – Cleveland

Washington at Minnesota
Hal – Minnesota
Arlen – Washington

Philly at Houston
Arlen – Houston
Hal – Philly

Jets at KC
Hal – Kansas City
Arlen – Kansas City

AZ at Dallas
Arlen – Dallas
Hal – Dallas

Rams at 49ers
Hal – 49ers
Arlen – 49ers

Denver at New England
Hal – Pats
Arlen – Broncos

Oakland at Seattle
Arlen – Seattle
Hal – Seattle

Ravens at Steelers
Hal – Pitt
Arlen – Baltimore

Indy at NY Giants
Arlen – Colts
Hal – Giants

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