NL Manager of the Year Matt Williams. Really? NL Cy Young Winner Clayton Kershaw. Really? Really!

bumgarnerIt doesn’t look so good does it? I mean Matt Williams of the Washington Nationals is named National League Manager of the Year and LA Dodger Ace Clayton Kershaw is the Cy Young Award winner when everybody watched their San Francisco Giant counterparts Bruce Bochy and Madison Bumgarner best them in the post-season by a wide margin.  This is what happens when the vote is held before the playoffs but announced after the World Series. But what else can you do? Two possibilities: 1) Name the winners as soon as the vote is completed just before the playoffs or 2) vote after the World Series. Neither is a good idea.

Naming the winners as the playoffs are getting under way might distract the baseball world from the unfolding spectacles on the fields of glory. More probably, nobody would be paying attention. Who cares if Matt Williams or Bruce Bochy or Clint Hurdle is Manager of the Year? We just want to watch their teams beat each other’s brains out. Isn’t it a little early to give Clayton Kershaw the Cy Young Award when he still has business to take care of.

Likewise, voting after Major League Baseball’s champion is crowned makes little sense. Like all of us, the baseball writers who select the winners will be besotted by the players on the field when the last out is rung up.

The simple fact is that Matt Williams steered his ship through rocky shoals all season long. He led his charges to the second best record in baseball and the best in his league. The Nats were the team that the ultimate champs feared most.

Clayton Kershaw is flat-out dominating. He posted an ERA that was more than 1 run better than fellow southpaw Madison Bumgarner. He deserved the Cy Young.

It does look a little funny to see Williams and Kershaw hoist the big awards when we all watched Bochy and Bumgarner pouring champagne over each other two weeks ago. But that’s baseball.

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