No Morning Show on Thursday or Friday January 27-28

Update (1/28 1:30pm PST) – Power back.  I should be on Monday.


Update (1/28 7am PST) – Power still out in Maryland so enjoy all three hours of Steph and Ed. Unless PEPCO is lying, I’ll be back online tonight and broadcasting Monday morning.


(1/27 noon PST)
Sorry for this late posting but due to a major storm in the DC area and a resulting blackout, I could not do a show today. I am going to try to reschedule Big Eddie as soon as possible. At 12:45pm California time, there is still no power and it’s not clear when it will be restored. I hope to be back by Friday morning.

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4 Responses to No Morning Show on Thursday or Friday January 27-28

  1. Shade says:

    It’s my fault Hal but I had help from Julius. Last night I wrote in the Chatroom that I didn’t want to miss your show Thurs morning because I wanted to hear you beg Big Eddie to buy you another station & then laugh when it turned out that the entire interview went out over “dead air”. I am a student of your show & have learned from Julius that such schizophrenic thoughts have the power to influence the real world. I also influenced your reality with my concern that your refusal to consider nuclear elect power is making global warming worse; just look what this thought did to your weather. LOL

    (FYI: Rush Limbaugh fans: Global warming is not all about warming. The additional energy “energetically” moves around a lot & tends to cause weather extremes. No joke!)

  2. Frank in San Diego says:

    I love your show Hal! But I will be lying if I said I am not enjoying all three hours of Stephanie and Big Eddie. Just get back to California safely and “see” you on Monday.

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