Nous sommes tous Parisiens



Voici deux images.  Je n’ai rien plus a ajouter a ce moment.




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  1. Shade says:

    Afraid it’s a little too late 2b Mid-East isolationists & we now must deal w/ISIL. We broke it, we own the horrific inhumanitarian results, & also that we have destabilized the entire area. Even the Russians are afraid of the
    (Originally posted Friday, Nov 13. 2015 01:07 PM)
    destabilization we caused, as unchecked, it could spill into their country. The current attacks use mostly rag-tag Kurdish forces, with U.S. air cover & spec forces on ground (away from the fighting) providing guidance & intel. Spec ops probably ready as req. We will occasionally suffer losses but have little choice.

  2. halginsberg says:

    Exactly right Shade. But in responding to ISIS/ISIL we have to be smart and act multi-laterally with most of the input coming from the nations in the region.

    • Shade says:

      And if the nations in the region don’t supply sufficient troops (cannon-fodder), which after all is what we mostly mean when we talk about regional state involvement, are we going to stand idly by & suffer attacks as ISIL becomes more & more emboldened and/or watch as other countries in the region react too late and thus fall into anarchy?

      Bernie was exactly right when he said the U.S. does not have a good track record when we enforce regime changes. The nations of the region know we have put ourselves over a barrel on Iraq & now Syria, and they are going to play hardball with us. Many are afraid to provide troops fearing it will lead to repercussions such as attacks within their own countries. They also (rightly) feel that their countries didn’t destabilized the region – it was the U.S. – & thus it is our responsibility to solve the problem.

      What we are dealing with now in the Mid-East (and with our economy) are the consequences of brilliant thinkers such as George W Bush. We can only send so many troops for so long before it bankrupts our country. So Obama tried to establish an end date on which we would leave, but the corrupt administration we left in Iraq couldn’t adequately govern or defend itself. We now seem to be learning a second lesson – that quick strike special ops, combined with airpower (and yes drones) – plus whatever rag-tag assistance we might get from elsewhere might at least help control the anarchy we left. Hopefully this strategy will work, both in Iraq & Syria.

      Perhaps Russia will soon really be our partner. See:
      11-15-15 Antalya, Turkey “President Barack Obama vowed Sunday to renew U.S. efforts against ISIS… Underscoring his point, an intense discussion between Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin was caught on cameras, showing the two men leaning in and gesturing sharply as they made their points. Later an Obama aide said the two men appeared to reach an agreement on political path forward in Syria — though U.S. officials said a substantial shift in strategy toward combating the Islamic State was not in the works.”

      Putin has probably been right all along in that fighting ISIL is much more important than the U.S. attempting to effect yet another regime change in Syria, which would only leave an even greater power vacuum in the region. However. unlike many Libs, I don’t necessarily feel that HRC had it wrong when she proposed a no-fly zone in Syria. I think we can tell Russian bombers & aircraft from the helicopters Assad is using to drop barrel bombs, etc. We wouldn’t need to necessarily enforce a total no-fly zone, but we might occasionally take out targets of opportunity and thus let Asad know he can’t firebomb his own people with total impunity.

      • Shade says:

        BTW, drones are becoming incredibly cheap & easy to make. Prototype drones are already being made on which you install a cellphone as the brain. The drone itself (less the cellphone) is expected to only cost a few hundred dollars. The cellphone has virtually all the electronics and computing power needed: GPS, maps, guidance computing, gyro-sensors, camera, communications – all in an inexpensive mass-produced package.

        The company mentioned in the link below is making both a cellphone drone and a vertical take-off drone that can then fly like a plane, making it both highly maneuverable and fast (and thus able to cover long distances).

        If you think U.S. operated drones are a problem, wait until the terrorists figure out how to use cellphone-based drones flying low & slow beneath conventional radars. Remember at least one drone already made it to the White House grounds. These are going to be almost impossible to stop.

      • Shade says:

        We need Putin’s help, and perhaps we are about to get it.
        Obama urges Russia to join renewed effort to eliminate Islamic State

        The United States, Turkey and their allies want Assad out. This weekend in Turkey, Obama huddled with Putin during a working lunch and the two agreed on the need for a Syrian-led transition including U.N.-mediated talks, the White House official said.

        Putin and Obama talked “extensively”, Russian news agencies cited top Kremlin foreign policy adviser Yuri Ushakov as saying. “Strategic objectives relating to the fight against the Islamic State are, in principle, very similar, but there are differences on the tactics side,” he said.

  3. Shade says:

    Islamic State recruitment document seeks to provoke ‘end of the world’. An apparent Islamic State recruitment document found in Pakistan’s lawless tribal lands reveals that the extremist group has grand ambitions of building a new terrorist army in Afghanistan and Pakistan, and triggering a war in India to provoke an Armageddon-like “end of the world.”

    ISIS Apocalypse: Armageddon Coming, Islamic State Group Is Doomsday Cult, Says Expert. “The shrewd leaders of the Islamic State combined 2of the most powerful yet contradictory ideas in Islam- the return of the Islamic Empire & the end of the world- in2 a mission & a message that shapes its strategy & inspires its army of zealous fighters,” according2 McCants’ book. “They have defied conventional thinking about how 2wage wars & win recruits.”

    It is interesting that ISIL chose 2down a Russian airliner @ a time that the West was crying that Russian bombers were only going after the enemies of Assad & not at all against ISIL. In addition, it now appears that the U.S. has 2this point been going somewhat soft against ISIL, at least in Syria, in hopes of contain ISIL 2just there & perhaps most significantly, 2enforce (yet another) regime change – this time against Assad in Syria. R u crazy Obama? The enemy of r enemy is not in this case r friend! Also, be careful what u wish for, u may get it.

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