November 2012 Election Endorsements

Click on continue reading below for a current list of KRXA endorsements in the November 2012 election. We have not included races where we do not have a preference. We may supplement this list before election day. Tune in to AM 540 AM for more details on all of these races.

President: Barack Obama
Congress District 20: Sam Farr
State Senate District 17: Bill Monning
State Assembly District 29: Mark Stone
State Assembly District 30: Luis Alejo
Monterey County Supervisor District 5: Marc Del Piero
Marina Mayor: Bruce Delgado
Marina City Council: Gail Morton, Frank O’Connell
Marina City Water District: Peter Le, Tom Moore
Monterey City Council: Alan Haffa, Bill McCrone
Santa Cruz City Council: Cece Pinehiro
Seaside Mayor: Felix Bachofner
Seaside City Council: Jason Campbell

Proposition 30: Yes
Proposition 32: No
Proposition 33: No
Proposition 34: Yes
Proposition 35: No
Proposition 36: Yes
Proposition 37: Yes
Proposition 39: Yes
Proposition 40: Yes

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  1. Michelle Jackson says:

    A note on the propositions: a Yes vote on 38 would be detrimental to the passing of Prop 30 which will provide funding to k-12 and college- whereas prop 38 will not provide funding for colleges and will mean even more cuts. What happens if you vote yes on both? “The state constitution says when income tax measures conflict, the one with the most votes prevails. So if Prop. 38 passes with more votes, income tax rates would increase according to Prop. 38 and, and without Prop. 30, automatic budget cuts would be triggered. The Franchise Tax Board or courts would then have to step in to decide whether Prop. 30’s sales tax or guarantee of realignment funding would still take effect” (

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