Occupy Santa Cruz General Assembly

I just got back from Occupy Santa Cruz’s first General Assembly. I picked up Billy Sunshine in Capitola and we drove over to Laurel Park. My guess is that there must have been two hundred or more people in the small park which seems impressive for a city of 60,000 – especially when you consider that nearby San Francisco already has a vibrant Occupy movement. The gathering was very respectful of each other and speakers. A decision to occupy a place indefinitely was made and it appears at this time that the place will be Laurel Park. Towards the end of the General Assembly, the larger group organized itself into smaller subcommittees including: outreach, media, and others. Naturally, I gravitated towards media where I briefly spoke of the need for all of the occupiers to have a centralized on-line place to connect – for now it will probably be at the Occupy Santa Cruz facebook page.

Live streaming, video, and audio will be available at www.occupysantacruz.org. I also urged the Santa Cruz occupiers to remain in close contact with KRXA where we will report on their activities. If you’re up at 11 tonight and turn on KSBW, you may see yours truly being interviewed as I was plucked from the crowd by the reporter – apparently due to my shaggy hair, unshorn face, and generally unkempt air. Billy Sunshine spoke to the entire General Assembly early on and got a big laugh when he referred to KRXA’s position “at the left end of the dial”. Some of the KRXA family whom I saw and or spoke to were Colin Campbell Clyde, Deborah and Kaia Lindsay, Neecho, and Dennis from Santa Cruz.

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  1. fia says:

    Dear Hal,

    Thank you for covering this historic and momentous event! During times like these, especially at times like these, we are most fortunate to have your valiant and autonomous voice. KRXA’s significance will only grow stronger because you have the ability report on stories that really matter to liberals and that are critical to transforming our country. This is an example of why we need more independently owned and operated stations throughout the country.
    Thanks again for getting the collective word out. I am so honored to be able to listen to your show every day!!!

  2. pdbird says:

    I know that was spur of the moment,and I applaud you both.Maybe next time U can pick up sand city sue? she has express intrest into going to events…KRXA carpool should be an option.

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