Halcast 2

Great conversation with “Listen to Cliston” Brown and Danny “Thoughtwrestler” Cardwell about the Democratic Party’s (and our) woes.

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On the Democratic Party’s Messaging Woes

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First Halcast

Jack beat me to the punch as he posted this on his facebook page yesterday. If you didn’t see it there, here’s my first videocast. Feedback is definitely desired. I know it’s long (although I hope you find it rewarding) and the cam is almost solely on Jack. I’ll be working on both issues.  So, most future Halcasts will be pithier with (slightly) more dynamic video. Here’s what I especially like: the audio quality is very good and I think the video is surprisingly clean even though Jack was on an iPhone.

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Sam Ronan for DNC Chair

USAF veteran Sam Ronan’s positions are closer to Bernie’s (and mine) than Keith Ellison’s are.  Unlike Keith, Ronan is calling for an end to all corporate donations to the Democratic party and Democratic candidates.  His platform is more unapologetically progressive.  http://www.ronanfordnc.org/the-vision-for-our-future/

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Bernie versus Hillary Redux or the War for the Democratic Party’s Soul

The Democratic Party is not big enough for Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. They embody mutually exclusive visions of the economic policies the party should pursue and the ethical rules which it should follow. Accordingly, efforts to tamp down or paper over disagreements between those who supported Clinton in the primaries and those who supported Sanders are doomed to fail and shouldn’t even be attempted. Continue reading

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My interview with MD Delegate Jeff Waldstreicher

Delegate Waldstreicher and I discuss the Maryland Clean Energy Jobs Act, the Fight for 15, and how progressives can win!

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Fusing Group Identity and Class-Based Politics

In respective post-election “taking stock” articles, Columbia History Professor Mark Lilla for the New York Times and Alex Seitz-Wald at NBC suggest how the Democratic Party can return to prominence. Lilla contends that Trump’s victory should mark the End of Identity Liberalism. Identity liberalism, as practiced by Democrats like Hillary Clinton, consists of appeals to discrete groups identified by race, ethnicity, gender, and sexually orientation. This is a losing strategy, Lilla argues, and must be rejected in favor of one that seeks to attract voters based on shared economic interests and overarching national goals. Continue reading

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My Interview with Rob Scribbler on Global Warming

For much more browse to www.robertscribbler.com.

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Hotter than ever!

For the third straight year, earth’s temperatures set a record high.

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Selfish Loser Dems

Establishment favorite neo-liberal Hillary Clinton faced an unexpectedly strong challenge from self-proclaimed socialist Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primaries.  Ultimately, Clinton lost disastrously in November to historically unpopular billionaire Donald Trump who posed as an economic populist. Sanders is now probably the most well-liked politician in America. Under these circumstances, you could be forgiven for expecting a chastened shrunken Democratic Senate minority to unite behind an unabashedly progressive economic agenda, but you’d be wrong. Continue reading

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The Pied Pipers of the Left

With Trump’s inauguration still weeks away, Robert Kuttner of the American Prospect is calling for progressives to begin building a public case for impeachment by “keep[ing] a running dossier [on Trump’s illegal actions] and forward[ing] updates at least weekly to the House Judiciary Committee.” Salon’s Heather “Digby” Parton is echoing Kuttner. It’s a terrible idea. Continue reading

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Hillary Clinton is who we thought she was

Whoever hacked the DNC, Russia or somebody else, and sourced Wikileaks only confirmed that Hillary Clinton is who we thought she was.

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Taxing Economic Injustice

Shortly after the Presidential election, I urged progressives to focus on improving circumstances for poor, working, and middle-class people in targeted localities and states. At the national level, President-elect Trump and the solidly Republican Congress will not be responsive to our concerns and do not share our values. We will have to fight rearguard actions in Washington to try to preserve what remains of the positive legacies of FDR and LBJ. Opportunities to build on them at the national level are likely to be few and far between.
Continue reading

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Bernie Sanders “Together” – more important than ever!

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Why Hillary Lost

halWay Back in August 2015, I wrote:

[Hillary Clinton’s] long history of cozying up to moneyed and corporate interests has not led to overwhelming financial support from them but it has led to fragmented support for her from the labor movement. Some liberal activists perceive her moves to the left as feints or insincere. On the other hand, she cannot move right without losing the still very strong support she has from second-wave feminists. Continue reading

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Montgomery County’s Fight for $15

rally-picTuesday night a large crowd of Montgomery County residents, including a strong union presence, braved fog and rain outside the County Council’s offices in Rockville to participate in the ongoing national “Fight for $15.” Continue reading

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The Way Forward for Progressives in Trump’s Wake

Apocryphal Chinese curse – May you live in interesting times.
Voltaire – We must tend to our garden.
Continue reading

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Response to the NYT Editorial Board’s Call to Ratify the TPP

The New York Times Editorial Board claims that the Trump administration will empower China if it walks away from the TPP.  Here’s my response:

Ratifying the TPP would have empowered the Beijing Communists without question given their profound influence over southeast Asia.  Increasing our dependence on products manufactured by sub-$1 hour Vietnamese laborers would mean ever more American dollars ultimately cycling through China.  Meanwhile our manufacturing and tax base would continue to weaken as jobs would flee overseas.  In the binary world which we currently inhabit, weakening the US helps China and strengthening China hurts the US.

Another point which establishment Democratic organs, like the NYT editorial board, always ignore is that that the TPP would be an absolute disaster for the environment.  While Trump is a dangerous and ignorant know-nothing denier, his insistence that we stop with all the foreign trade could lead to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by reducing the number of container ships churning up the Pacific while gulping and belching filthy diesel fuel and cargo jets spewing contrails filled with carbon dioxide directly into the atmosphere.

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Bernie Sanders ran on an anti-racism platform

1. a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human racial groups determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one’s own race is superior and has the right to dominate others or that a particular racial group is inferior to the others.
2. a policy, system of government, etc., based upon or fostering such a doctrine; discrimination. Continue reading

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Bernie Would be Doing Better

Today, Donald Trump would probably beat Hillary Clinton in a head-to-head matchup 538’s Nate Silver predicts. Ah but the election won’t be held today you reply. Correctomundo.  When the election is actually conducted sayeth Silver, Clinton should squeeze out a 10-point win in the electoral college. Continue reading

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