Power Outage Scheduled on Sunday May 1

We have just learned that PG&E is planning a power outage this Sunday from approximately 7:30am through 4:00pm in Seaside, CA. KRXA’s studios are located within the area where power will be shut off. Because of our dependence on electricity both within and outside the studio to transmit our signal to our antenna in East Salinas, we will not be able to broadcast during the time on either terrestrial radio or on the internet. We apologize to our wonderful hosts, sponsors, and listeners for this inconvenience.

Update at 8:12am Sunday. PG&E has still not cut off power to our building so we will broadcast until power is lost. The shutdown is still scheduled for this morning through 4pm. Again, we apologize for the inconvenience.

Update at 2:21pm Sunday. The power outage began at 10am – 2 1/2 hours behind schedule. Now, the completion time has been pushed back to 5pm.

Update at 4:35pm Sunday. Power restored.

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2 Responses to Power Outage Scheduled on Sunday May 1

  1. Rich Smyth says:

    Hal, why can’t you get a generator in there so you can stay on the air Sunday?

  2. hal says:

    Rich – thanks for asking. I did discuss this in the 1st hour this morning. 2 reasons: 1) the cost would be very significant and 2) part of the cost would be over 20 gallons of gasoline which we would be burning at a rate of 2 gallons per hour. I didn’t feel comfortable contributing all that smog to our central coast air.

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