Radio Monterey’s Future (it’s so bright ya gotta wear shades)

Solarzar (host of Good Vibrations Radio) and I have reached an agreement under which Solarzar will take over operations completely as of July 1, 2014.  I will remain available to provide assistance to him on an as needed basis and will continue to do my show after I return to Maryland in July.  I know Solarzar will do an awesome job and with your help will build a great internet-radio station.

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4 Responses to Radio Monterey’s Future (it’s so bright ya gotta wear shades)

  1. Shade says:

    This is such good news. I hope you paid Solarzar well to take those XP computers off your hands. It was your equipment & not your skilled hand that caused all the glitches, right Hal?

    Seriously though, there is nothing wrong with using XP computers. However, they must no longer be used for casual surfing, an alternate browser must be exclusively used, & only the most necessary and fully patched other third-party software. There other strategies you can read about on the web.

    Solarzar appears to be a thoughtful, kind-hearted soul & a kindred Progressive spirit. I have enjoyed it when he calls the Morning Show. I do hope he intends to keep the station’s emphasis on politics & most of the current PV content. Being a “real man”, I don’t care for “touchy-feely” shows of the type I believe Solarzar does on weekends. I like my politics straight up, but with a local & accessible connection as Hal has been with his show, email, & Talkback.

    Thank you both so much for coming to this agreement. I hope it will work for both of you. Long term though, to cut expenses, I think it will be necessary to move the studio to a room in a private home.

  2. Lawrence says:

    Thank you Hal for all you have done to bring KRXA and now the internet presence to us. We appreciate all your hard work and effort for the time we had you. You mixed two things I love the most, Monterey and progressive talk radio. It is terribly sad, in general, to see the state of progressive talk radio, when I can’t even turn on a radio station that used to play Czechoslovakian Lacrosse and now plays right-wing nutjobs. I have my bumper sticker and memories of you and Coach, when I had time to call in on the Morning Show. Hopefully one day Progressive talk radio comes back to Monterey, in the proud tradition that you started. Thank you very much.

  3. Its a shame to see the downfall of AM talk in general, as it is a format I fell in love with starting with the old AM 1240 KNRY. However, I understand you need to do what you have to do regarding your financial future. And Solarzar is someone who will care for the format that Radio Monterey community that remains. Good luck and safe travels Hal.


    JR from Macomb

  4. The Lesser Rusty says:

    I don’t know about shades, yet, but it’s great to hear that radiomonterey has a heartbeat.
    Thank you Solarzar for stepping up!

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