Response to the NYT Editorial Board’s Call to Ratify the TPP

The New York Times Editorial Board claims that the Trump administration will empower China if it walks away from the TPP.  Here’s my response:

Ratifying the TPP would have empowered the Beijing Communists without question given their profound influence over southeast Asia.  Increasing our dependence on products manufactured by sub-$1 hour Vietnamese laborers would mean ever more American dollars ultimately cycling through China.  Meanwhile our manufacturing and tax base would continue to weaken as jobs would flee overseas.  In the binary world which we currently inhabit, weakening the US helps China and strengthening China hurts the US.

Another point which establishment Democratic organs, like the NYT editorial board, always ignore is that that the TPP would be an absolute disaster for the environment.  While Trump is a dangerous and ignorant know-nothing denier, his insistence that we stop with all the foreign trade could lead to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by reducing the number of container ships churning up the Pacific while gulping and belching filthy diesel fuel and cargo jets spewing contrails filled with carbon dioxide directly into the atmosphere.

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3 Responses to Response to the NYT Editorial Board’s Call to Ratify the TPP

  1. Well said, Hal. I hope you sent this to the NYTimes as a letter to the editor.

  2. halginsberg says:

    Thanks Arlen. Maybe I’ll go ahead and send a letter to the editor.

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