Rush Limbaugh hates America

leftIn a recent Salon column, Penn State Professor Sophia McClennen powerfully rebuts Rush Limbaugh’s onair allegation that she “hates” America. Apparently, Limbaugh was angered that McClennen praised Stephen Colbert for satirically demonstrating the hollowness of right-wing claims of patriotism.

As much as I agree with McClennen’s argument that Limbaugh’s rhetoric is  fascistic, we part ways when she writes that claims that political opponents “hate America” are “hyperbolic”.  In some cases, it may be difficult to tell how a particular individual or group feels about America.  But in other cases, like Limbaugh’s and that of other sinister right-wing characters, it’s remarkably easy.

What is America?  It’s the American people, the land, air, and waters within our borders, the animals that share the space with us.

Liberals are doing what we can to make America a better place.  We want a cleaner, safer country with an economy that benefits us all.  This makes us patriots who love the USA.

The political agenda of Limbaugh, the Kochs, Laura Ingraham, Ted Cruz, and their ilk includes: 1) Impoverishing American workers by wage cuts and off-shoring jobs. 2) Poisoning us, animals, and our land, air, and water by eliminating environmental regulations.  3) Increasing the likelihood that Americans may be murdered by eviscerating what few gun control laws remain. 4) Spying on Americans. 5) Sending our soldiers to kill and be killed in foreign wars.

If you’re doing everything in your power to impoverish a country’s people, poison its inhabitants, spy on them, and make it easier for its citizens to kill and be killed, isn’t it obvious that you hate it?

Rush Limbaugh hates America.

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