Thanks Coach!

Coach has been doing a great job in the morning delivering you the news in an informative and entertaining way.  And, for those excited about the President’s Weekly Address, well it was the Coach who urged me to air it.  Stay tuned for programming announcement Thursday morning.

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2 Responses to Thanks Coach!

  1. Frank in San Diego says:

    Coach and Hal, yes.
    Rebecca, no.


  2. Shade says:

    Hal got so busy being walked around by Rebecca and promoting her career that he forgot to promote his own, i.e. the upcoming “big changes” to his own show. Does Mindy know about your weakness for the ladies Hal?

    The working-class might be best to consider Rebecca as a wolf in sheep’s clothing. In my view, she values pursuit of her own career so highly that she becomes blinded to the possibility of becoming merely another tool of the Right. That said, Rebecca is catlike with a mind of her own.

    To Hal’s surprise, Rebecca is not as easy to lead as man’s best friend (in spite of what some here might think of her). Rebecca not only held her own ground on the issues, but as a “call-in” guest she succeeded in making Hal look bad by forcing him to resort to an unwarranted viscous attack just to maintain control of his own show. Hats off to you Rebecca. You definitely won that round.

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