The Five Stages of Bernie Grief

1) Denial – there’s no way this can be happening. Bernie really won New York if you don’t count Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, the Bronx and Long Island.  Just look at the returns from Jamestown and Elmira.

2) Anger – it’s all Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s fault.

3) Bargaining – if we just win the District of Columbia on June 14, the super delegates will abandon Hillary en masse.

4) Depression – man this sucks let’s move to Canada.

5) Acceptance – our candidate lost but we’ll figure out a way to keep progressive solutions front and center while and after we help elect the first woman President.

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2 Responses to The Five Stages of Bernie Grief

  1. Larry Freitas says:

    We should hope that if Clinton is indicted Trump will be over Trump University. The Trump Network stinks too. He managed to bilk a lot of investors in that, five years back. Can you imagine two top POTUS nominees under indictment?

    • Shade says:

      Hillary is undergoing Chinese water torture. Drip, drip, drip, her dirty laundry is starting to come out. She is toast at some point unless Trump helps her out by self-destructing as you suggest or in some other way. I just hope whatever happens to Hillary occurs before the convention. If it occurs after the election we’ll have a screwed up 4yrs or more.

      Denial is what left-leaning Progressive like Hal are now experiencing in beginning to throw their support to Hillary and giving up on Bernie’s not-quite-yet decided primary run. One should not really be denying that the Clintons are crooked and politically corrupt, though admittedly (unlike many), I think overall they mean well (after they get what they want for themselves that is).

      For example, people should realize that Hillary’s email scandal occurred because she was hiding the activities surrounding the Clinton Foundation and the large sums of money it has been laundering into the Clinton’s pockets & that of their cronies. I believe the FBI is on to all of this, else their investigation wouldn’t be taking this long. There are lot pieces to the convoluted puzzle the FBI has been separately investigating, and it appears now that many of these investigations are producing results at the same time.

      Unfortunately, unless you have been reading articles by those in the press who do not try overly hard to appear unbiased, you have been missing out on reading about much of what the FBI has been investigating. Well stay tuned. More bad news for Hillary is coming, and hopefully it will be sufficient and timely enough to push Bernie over the top.

      BTW, I have no doubt that Bernie always felt that Hillary’s email scandal might lead to her self-destruction. I’m sure this was the deciding factor in his decision to run. Let’s give the man credit where credit is due. After all, the man is smart enough to be President, and likely he’ll be the best one we’ve had in awhile.

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