The Hal Ginsberg Morning Show August 4 – 8

Last week, I announced that I would be off from Thursday August 7 through Friday August 15.  Good news! It turns out I’ll be able to do a show Thursday so I’ll only be off Friday through Friday.  The replays should be good ones.

The best way to reach me directly is to call my show M-F 6-9am Pacific at 1 (888) 579-2540.  In addition, we’re building a great Facebook community at The Hal Ginsberg Morning Show.  Twitter @HalGinsberg.


Monday –

6 – 6:30 – Weekend news recap.

8 – Monterey City Council Member Alan Haffa joins us.

Tuesday –

7:45 – Holistic health with Glenn Sadowsky and Optimal Health Acupuncture and Bodywork.

Wednesday –

Thursday –

7:30 – Jeremy Holden joins us from Media Matters to cast a jaundiced eye on the right-wing media machine.

8:30 – Eric Petersen from the Monterey County Green Party discusses all things Green.

Friday Free-for-all +

Replay of Thursday July 31 show.


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43 Responses to The Hal Ginsberg Morning Show August 4 – 8

  1. Dav says:

    You can keep your doctor, Obama knew it wasn’t true when he said it. Bush lied about Iraq. Clinton lied about sex. What faith can you have in a person that deliberately lies to you?

    • Larry says:

      Dave: I got my old doctor back because of Obamacare. He wasn’t in the network of my past employer under their health care plan. So you don’t know what you’re talking about!

      • Dav says:

        Reply to Larry who says I don’t know what im talking about. I’m just a mockingbird Larry.. If you go online and research healthcare insurance plan disruptions under Obamacare, you’ll be reading a long time.. I’m glad you get to keep your dr.. Sadly this is not the case for thousands of Americans.

  2. Dav says:

    The point is not about the consequences of or the magnitude of the lie. The simple point is that not telling the truth is a how they communicate. Obama led us to believe he was leaving iraq and leaving the middle east.. He never told us he was just moving the army back to Afgan. This is the point I’m making. ..
    We can’t seem to get a straight answer about anything.

  3. Dav says:

    Isn’t a reformed democratic party just a democratic party minus the corporations? This is what we need.
    Hey, I just heard Obama sent killers to kill julius,
    Obama can’t get anything done. Good thing for Julius.

  4. Dav says:

    You can claim anything, but the facts don’t change..
    How can you forget the sept. 01 anthrax attack.
    The govt. came up with the most ridiculous conclusion.
    The sole perpetrator a govt. Scientist, committed suicide the day after the govt. told him they plan to charge him… Obama signed the law to prohibit any further investigation. The sad part in the greater sense. American’s didn’t even question, Not one news organization , no one, nothing, nada, zero. This is sad

  5. Dav says:

    You can claim the govt conducted a investigation.. The problem is, their investigation raised more questions than it answered.

  6. Dav says:

    On yahoo aug 6—- insector generals say access is blocked in critical inspections and audits.. You may claim I’m nuts but you also have to say the same about all these inspectors.. Obama lies and hides stuff all the time,, here’s the proof.. Every time you ridicule me and claim Obama is good only demonstrates how gullible you are.

  7. Dav says:

    And one last comment about this guy we call president.
    Lowly mortage brokers ,appraisers, and even home buyers have been prosecuted by obama’s appoint.
    Everyone gets busted except the elite of wall street.. The bankers go Scott free. The appointed one claims their too big to prosecute..
    Hal, when are you going to admit the facts?
    It’s not much of a reflection if the only thing you can claim he has accomplished is private, profit guaranteed
    corporate health insurance. The law didn’t real change much,, tax payers get stuck with the bill for those that can’t pay and the corporation makes a profit off of all the payers. It’s one big shell game. And like the voting issue. (90% of voters already have identification) a very small % of the population will actually benefit from Obamacare. And that is one more lie. Besides telling people they could keep their dr, he lied about the roll out. The months leading up to roll out we were told everything was great and right on schedule. Nothing could have been further from the truth..

  8. Dav says:

    I hope you read the article about the inspector generals,, if that doesn’t open your eyes ,nothing will.
    Their rap is not rumor or innuendo. This is the rap of civil employees and govt. watchdog groups.
    There can be no good excuse from inhibiting these inspections.. Obama has done nothing or even talked about this serious problem. This not just a problem,, it’s a Obama problem.

  9. Dav says:

    Today, more details– 47 of the 73 inspector generals say Obama’s transparency is junk.
    You can only ridicule the messenger , mitigate and down play the reality for so long. People wise up.
    Obama is not the transparent president he claims to be. .

  10. Dav says:

    Oregon has a weird rain water case in court. A man is charged with illegally collecting rain water. The article said Oregon claims ownership of the water.. That got me to thinking. If the state owns the water does that mean the state is responsible for the harm the water can do?—

  11. Dav says:

    Hal, I hope this post will make you think.
    You can’t listen well when you are carrying an agenda.
    You can’t listen well when you are looking for ways to fortify your own position.
    You can’t listen well when you are searching for what is broken in your conversation partner, in order to introduce the solution.

  12. Dav says:

    As long as there are waring Iraqis, Palestinians, and Israelis our govt. can ignore us.

  13. Dav says:

    I want to here you say it Hal. It is unacceptable and grounds for impeachment that critical mandated audits and inspections are inhibited by this administration as declared by a majority of US federal inspector generals

  14. Dav says:

    The current contention in Palestine was greatly precipitated by the general harassment of Arabs by Israelis military, as demonstrated on tv by the beaten amercan teen. The entire event originated by the kidnapped Jewish teens. The military violently searched homes and destroyed property. Arabs revolt over the oppression. Consider Arab suspects are named in the press and the military even destroys their homes. When a Jewish suspect is charged with burning a boy to death, his name is kept secret.. No home destroyed.. No good will ever come to a country that has a religious symbol for it’s national identity and doesn’t have a bill of rights for it’s citizens

  15. Dav says:

    The south could have won if it would have bluffed the north. Without the war, slavery would have been tied up in court indefinitely . The bluff—- March 100,000 slaves to Washington DC and declare that without slavery the federal would have to provide for the slaves..
    The loss of commerce alone , No more cotton, This alone would have made a majority of legislator demand a negotiated settlement. Attacking the federal govt. only solidified the northern resolve.

  16. Dav says:

    We fought a war to leave England and another war to stop the south from leaving us.. 2 fundamental rights are directly opposed to each other. The right to leave and the right to not be owned.

  17. Dav says:

    A senator from the south could have could have held a press conference to inform the nation that the slaves would arrive in Washington in 2 weeks and the owners absolve their responsibility for the welfare of the slave and that the federal govt. would have to care for them.
    I would also inform them that the slaves would be hungry as no rations would be supplied by the former owners. This would have really turned up the heat on the abolitionist as most people would not think the country could afford their proposal..

  18. hal says:

    Dav – it seems clear that you do not recognize the essential evil of slavery and how its continuing existence robbed our nation of its soul and all decency.

  19. Dav says:

    Here’s a little reality for your ignorance… When Obama bailed out GM people held their breath and then were bragging when GM came out of it.. All these good willed people thought this great and the good jobs GM provided would remain.. The sorry fact is
    70% of GM products are NOT made in the USA.
    Don’t you thnk a person has a right to be nerves when Obama is trying to fast track secret foreign trade pacts?
    Foreign trade is destroying the USA. The loss of jobs and exports did us in. Any exports that we might come up with like oil and food are a drop in the bucket.
    We had more manufacturing jobs in the 1950’s.
    Without manufacturing, were cooked

  20. Dav says:

    the civil war was supposedly fought for morality reasons under the context that the local state govt. desires were over ridden by the greater good by the enforcement of the federal govt.
    where does a disregard for local govt. stop.
    Under the enforcement of civil rights philosophy it seems we have an obligation to invade and provide civil rights.
    Why aren’t you endorsing the invasion of North Korea?
    Are the any less deserving of liberty?
    The fact is, in 1861, the USA attacked a foreign country

  21. Dav says:

    The fact of who started the civil war is not a debate. The USA would not leave , the confederates asked them to.
    What would we do today if Mexico had a army in Texas and would not leave?

  22. Dav says:

    Hal, it seems clear to me that you are a racist. You support the invasion of the confederate states to free black people, but you refrain from offering the same support to free Asians in north Korea. What possible superficial reason could you give?

  23. hal says:

    The United States was one country in 1861 comprising the states that tried to secede and those that did not. That is why there was a United States army fort in Charleston. This is in no shape or form similar to a Mexican army in Texas today since Texas is not now part of Mexico. Regarding an invasion of North Korea by the US, North Korea, unlike the Confederate States, is not part of the United States.

    Also, as bad as the North Korean dictatorship is, some wealthy North Koreans are not holding a different race of people in bondage.

  24. Dav says:

    This is the point of contention,, did they secede, or did they not? I say they did. They had no representatives in the federal govt., all commerce association was cut off In his own words Lincoln said they were broken apart.. This implies not being a part of.. The fact that the states were recaptured and reinstall into the country dos not diminish the fact that for 4 years, the CSA was not apart of the USA.

  25. hal says:

    2 points and then I’m done: 1) Again Dav you seem completely insensible to the essential evil that was slavery. Are you somehow untroubled or not particularly troubled by the fact that some white men had virtually unlimited power over the lives of many black people? 2) The Southern states actually had disproportionate power in the US government for the first 70 or so years of the United States existence.

  26. Dav says:

    Your implication is unfounded, I’m not arguing morality,
    I’m pointing out issues pertaining to secession. you get personal, why I don’t know. For the sake of provocative conversation I lke playing devils advocate.
    The subject of secession interest me.. I am no more a racist than you. If I were, I’d be dead, 90% of my interaction with other humans are humans of a different race.

  27. Dav says:

    The question; Why help the blacks of the south
    but not the Asians of Korea? In your own words Hal.
    Because the south was a part of the USA and because the Korean dictator is of the same race….I asked for a superficial reason and you certainly provided it.

  28. Dav says:

    If the British commonwealth is a group of liberated countries that allow citizens to move freely, could 1500 of them move to the falkland islands ?
    Could the new residence through petitition demand a referendum vote for secession and join Argentina ?
    In 2012 there were less than 3000 people living there.
    It seems Argentina could recruit 1500 people to “move in”. This might make a good book.

  29. Dav says:

    Son of Learjet inventor, John Lear, retired airline captain, CIA pilot , says 9/11 story is BS, 757 jets didn’t hit the towers. Story on yahoo

  30. Dav says:

    A puzzling question,, what does ligion mean?
    The dictionary has the word broken down to re-ligion
    Not rel-igion… Therefore, the re is a prefix. Re means something new. So what is ligion and how did re come into it? Hal, your a professional word smith.
    I want answers.

  31. Dav says:

    IRS testimony contradicts other IRS testimony .
    No big deal,, isn’t that right Hal? Story on yahoo.

  32. Dav says:

    I would ask officer Wilson , after shooting Brown 5 times, did you still think brown was a threat? Why did you shoot him the 6th time? 2 shots in the head?
    Did you execute brown?

  33. Dav says:

    What is obviously not creditable is the statement .
    He reached out the window and tried to pull him into the car.. Given the size of brown , this is impossible

  34. Dav says:

    Try the experiment. Sit in the drivers seat of you car and have a big friend stand next to the door,, try and grab his head and pull him into the car. This kid is an accessory at the least. He goes with brown, he leaves with brown. He knows what brown did.

  35. Dav says:

    Referring to a person as unarmed is ambitious. Was Bruce lee unarmed? If a person appears big and strong and is charging you or pushing you to the ground, or strikes you… This person is not armed by a weapon, but the person is armed by their body. It is also disingenuous to describe a person big and strong as a boy.

  36. Dav says:

    A question for professor Pete.. The word is , latino’s could get 6 million green cards.. Black people are saying this is pitting one race against the other , competing for the same jobs… Is this being done on purpose?

  37. Dav says:

    The problem with the word boy when used like an adjective , is that implies inferior psychical strength.
    As in— the policeman hit the boy, — when the boy is bigger and stronger than the policeman it needs to be clarified or else a falsehood is created.

  38. Dav says:

    Same old thing ,here we go again.
    A dozen years ago. We we’re repeatedly told sleeper cell would pop up and terrorize us. Never happened.
    The point about immigration that I am making is that Obama and the Koch bros want to flood the market with young, unskilled Latino labors. These workers are in competition with young unskilled black workers. Politicians try and comfort the black people and tell them they are trying to bring employment to them. But now, they know, it’s just a lie. The poor black people watch on tv how the govt. provides healthcare for the alien children while their own children are in danger just going to school.
    When I stated the question, is this done on purpose?
    Is the govt. purposely trying to create animosity between the races? Or do they think black people are so stupid, they won’t even notice?

  39. Dav says:

    Romney v Clinton,, who do you trust? Isn’t this like soccer’s third place game.. The battle of 2 losers.
    I have to go with Romney. I think he’s more intelligent and has bigger imagination. Hillary has some pretty nasty votes while she was in the senate. To me , her threat of nuclear attack on Iran was the most provocative. She, ( her ego) scares me. — I would prefer Warren to either

  40. Dav says:

    Chicago closes 49 schools., most from poor black neighborhoods… Their mayor, Mr. Emanuel ,sees fit to invite hundreds of poor Latino children to live in Chicago at tax payer expense.. Doesn’t he see how this looks? I guess the view from the mansion on the hill can’t see that far.

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