The Hal Ginsberg Morning Show February 2 – 6

halIt’s Super Sunday, my family will be watching the big game. Will yours? A little over 100 million Americans are expected to tune in but I heard a radio host say he thinks the audience will be significantly greater since everybody he knows watches.

Please stop by my website early and often. In recent posts, I’ve been addressing “identity politics”, specifically the politics of gender and race and why I believe they harm the progressive cause.

To speak to me live onair, call 1 (844) FOR-HALG/1 (844) 367-4254 between 6-9am Pacific/9-noon east coast weekday.

In every weekly newsletter, I urge recipients to forward it. Let me here re-emphasize the importance of spreading the word. Without a terrestrial radio signal, I am wholly dependent on people making an extra effort to find us on their computer or via their smart device. So, please please pretty please with sugar on topic forward this newsletter to any friend, relative, acquaintance, casual contact, frenemy, enemy, or nemesis, whom you think would enjoy learning about the Morning Show.

There are a number of ways to listen: at RadioMonterey on your Tunein app, at and at and of course at Radio Monterey.

You can connect with other California Central Coast progressive talk fans on facebook at The Hal Ginsberg Morning Show on Facebook. You can also find me on twitter at @HalGinsberg.


Monday –

7 Pacific/10 east coast – Monterey City Councilman Alan Haffa on politics from California’s Central Coast.

Tuesday –

7:45/10:45 – Holistic health with Glenn Sadowsky and Optimal Health Acupuncture and Bodywork.

Wednesday –

8/11 – Laura Carroll, author of the Baby Matrix, discusses the 2nd edition of Dave Foreman’s MAN SWARM: How Overpopulation is Killing the Wild World which she co-wrote.

Thursday –

7:30/10:30 – Jeremy Holden from Media Matters casts a jaundiced eye on the right-wing media machine.

8:30/11:30 – Eric Petersen from the Monterey County Green Party discusses all things Green.

Friday Free-for-all +

8/11 – Arlen Grossman’s Quotation Quotient is your opportunity to win a great prize. Don’t miss Arlen’s column in theCommunity Section of every Sunday’s Monterey Herald and every month in the Foolish Times.

Thanks for being part of Radio Monterey!

And . . . expect the unexpected, including last minute guests, on the Morning Show!

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  1. Shade says:

    Don’t forget to mention that you can also listen to Radio Monterey on any phone by simply calling 518-600-7018. While toll charges may apply, many people have unlimited or virtually unlimited long-distance minutes. Listening by phone is especially a good option for our technophobe friends out there or for those who are traveling without current access to the internet.

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