The Hal Ginsberg Show December 22 – 26


We’re heading hard into the final two weeks of the year.  I hope you’ll get to spend enough time with the people you love.  I continue to post substantive articles at least twice a week at but may be slowed down this week by the holiday and my continued work to validate Green Party Maryland signatures.

Even though this is a holiday week, I have some great guests lined up.

You can listen to me live here, at and at  Most interviews are also archived at my site.

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Happy holidays!



7 (Pacific)/10 (east coast) – Aaron Miller from Electology joins me to discuss ways to improve how we elect representatives in America and the exciting new developments in the rising field of male contraceptives.

Tuesday –

7:45/10:45 – Holistic health with Glenn Sadowsky and Optimal Health Acupuncture and Bodywork.

Wednesday –

7/10 – New Orleans Talk Show host and high-profile Republican Jeff Crouere explains why Jeb Bush should not be his party’s standard-bearer in 2016.

Thursday (If I go) –

8:30/11:30 – Eric Petersen from the Monterey County Green Party discusses all things Green.

Friday Free-for-all +???

Thanks for being part of the Hal Ginsberg Morning Show!

And . . . expect the unexpected, including last minute guests!

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  1. Shade says:

    Maybe you’ve done this, but it would be interesting if you told us a bit about the process you use to validate Green Party Maryland signatures. Let me know when the segment airs so I can go back & find it. (I’ll be out of town for awhile & probably won’t be able to listen much when your show airs.)

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