The Hal Ginsberg Show September 8 -12

We missed trial attorney Cari Simon last week.  She practices campus law with Doug Fierberg with and for whom I used to work.  Cari joins us Monday to discuss a proposed new law in California that would add a presumption that sexual relations are not consensual unless both parties consent verbally.  While the bill’s backers want acquaintances to make certain that potential partners are truly willing or face legal risk, there may be unintended consequences.

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Monday –

6:30 – Trial Attorney Cari Simon discusses sex on campus.

Tuesday –

7:45 – Holistic health with Glenn Sadowsky and Optimal Health Acupuncture and Bodywork.

Wednesday –

Thursday –

7:30 – Jeremy Holden from Media Matters casts a jaundiced eye on the right-wing media machine.

8 – “Ask the Sheriff” with Monterey County Sheriff Scott Miller returns after a couple of months hiatus.

8:45 – Eric Petersen from the Monterey County Green Party discusses all things Green.

Friday Free-for-all +

8 – Arlen Grossman’s Quotation Quotient is your opportunity to win a great prize.  Don’t miss Arlen’s column in theCommunity Section of every Sunday’s Monterey Herald and every month in the Foolish Times.

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10 Responses to The Hal Ginsberg Show September 8 -12

  1. Carl says:

    If Police depts want to post your picture on their face book page when you get arrested, then users have the option of flagging the hell out of them. Face book has no obligation to law enforcement unless there is a court order in place. Users need to report them as violating the EUA (end user agreement) by posting pictures of users without their authorization or prior consent. This belongs on their blog or police website. This could be the way the police retaliate for those of us that have condemned them in advance by videotaping them then posting it on YouTube? Not the same thing. Not only do we see a militarization of police, now we have a department who is passing judgment on the innocent by slandering us? Since when does a police department have an opinion on anything unless it’s in the course of their jobs? The police are not in charge. It’s not ok because they say so! Its ok to them because the public isn’t speaking up! People need to attend their board of supervisor meetings and hold their public officials accountable in the open. Way too much complacency.

  2. Carl says:

    I sit one of these public boards. It is a true shame. Other than the regular 2-3 public agency representatives, We have ZERO public attendance! People forget that those that speak up, contribute. Those that don’t end up at their mercy because they are speaking up for you.

  3. Dav says:

    Jerusalem (AFP) – Israel has illegally coerced almost 7,000 African migrants into returning to their home countries, where some face persecution, Human Rights Watch said in a report published on Tuesday.
    How they forget when the shoe was on the other foot.

  4. Dav says:

    Hal, here is no such thing as knocked around a little bit.
    It’s either assault or it isn’t. I have no pity for this fool. A man demonstrated his total inability to deal with the day to day frustrations of life. If it’s good enough for don sterling to get drummed out for egregious unacceptable behavior it’s good enough for this guy.. Society needs to send a strong message.. Get violent,, your out of here

  5. Dav says:

    The nfl’s treatment of Michel Vick is disgusting.
    He entertained and profited from the cruel pathetic activity of dog fighting. He saw fit to have dogs victimized and brutalized. A poor creature that’s only disire is to have a loving relationship with a human.
    He betrayed them in the crulest possible way. I am amazed at how many people forgive him and act like nothing happen. In my book, he’s right up there with child abusers.

  6. Dav says:

    The one simple fact concerning the 9-11 attack;
    The physical evidence does not support the govt. attack theory.. Without this support everything else is moot

  7. Dav says:

    We need a new law to protect us from 9/11 style false flag attacks. The govt. should not be able to confiscate video recordings.. After the 9/11 attack the govt. confiscated all the video evidence they could find. This evidence is still not released, 13 years later.. A prudent person would view this as a corruption of the investigation. They are hiding something. Why?

  8. FRANK says:

    Anyone, why are we listening to the same broadcast of the Thom Hartmann Program for the third time in a row? This is the one where is talking about his “Chipotle” experience with a homeless woman in the D.C. train station.

  9. Dav says:

    A lot of things happen on 9/11 that defy common sense and basic laws of probability, for instance… What are the odds that the govt. preform a attack drill that is remarkably similar to the actual attack.. NORAD claims it was conducting a drill with the very same scenario on the very same day as the actual attack… This is just one of many stories that doesn’t pass the smell test.

    I would like to see a recreated pentagon attack.
    It wouldn’t cost too much to erect concrete barriers equal to the pentagon and crash a old 757 into it.
    The aftermath of that test would create a new attitude in America.

  10. Dav says:

    A lot of people are under the false impression that crashing into a concrete wall is equal to high explosives being detonated. It’s not even close. Remember the guy that crashed into the Texas irs building in small plane. instead of the plane melting or disintegrate . It stuck there more like a dart. It’s sad that many people have a bugs bunny conception of physics and just don’t understand basic physical concepts.

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