The Morning Show April 18 – 22

halWhile Hillary Clinton continues to be the strong favorite to win the Democratic Presidential nomination, the race isn’t quite over.  The Republican campaign seems more undecided even though Trump retains a big lead in the delegate count and has won by far the most states.

We may get clarification on the Democratic side tomorrow.  If Clinton wins convincingly tomorrow in the New York primary, the door may be shut on Bernie Sanders.  For Republicans, things are likely to stay murky.  Trump is the big favorite to win most, perhaps all, of the Republican New York delegates.  Regardless of the outcome in New York, however, it will be tough for the game show host to avoid a convention floor fight.

We’ll be discussing these dynamics all week and many other issues besides on the  Morning Show this week.

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Monday (times below are Pacific) –

6 – 9 – Weekend recap and news.

Tuesday – I’ll be working the early voting polls in Maryland.

Replay –

Wednesday –

6:30 – “Listen to Cliston” – the Observer’s Cliston Brown. shares his unmatched knowledge of the contemporary political scene.

8 – “Catholic Jack” Quirk shares his progressive faith-based views.

Thursday –

8:45 – “Green Eric” Petersen from the Monterey County Green Party discusses all things Green.

Friday Free-for-all +

6:30 – Bernie or Bust founder Victor Tiffany returns to the Morning Show to discuss the New York primary and the Democratic race for the nomination as it enters its final phase.

8 – “Friend of Hal” Arlen Grossman ushers us into the weekend.  Don’t miss Arlen’s column in the Lifestyle of every Sunday’s online Monterey Herald Arlen’s blog is The Big Picture Report.

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