The Morning Show April 25 – 29

halWe’ve got great guests throughout the week.  I’m really looking forward to our conversations in this upcoming last week of April.  My latest column is Goliath has won.  Now what?  Please read and share.

Monday (times are east coast) –

10 – “Thought WrestlerDanny Cardwell joins me for our semi-weekly 30-minute chat.  We’ll focus on his latest post – What does it take to have a revolution?

Tuesday –

10:30 – it’s been too long since I last chatted with Optimal Health’s Glenn Sadowsky.  I’ll debrief him on his recent trip to Cuba.

Wednesday –

9:30 – Listen to “Cliston”. Observer columnist Cliston Brown brings you unmatched insights into the political process.

10:30 – Montgomery College Professor/Huffington Post Contributor Vincent Intondi argues in favor of reparations for descendants of slaves.

11 – Real News Network journalist Jessica Desvarieux discusses the importance of non-corporate media, the Democracy Spring movement, and the impact of Bernie Sanders.

Thursday –

9:30 – We go over Tuesday’s primary results with Prince fan and Bernie or Buster Victor Tiffany.

11:30 – “Green Eric” Petersen discusses current events from the Green Party perspective.

Friday –

11 – “Friend of Hal” Arlen Grossman helps us finish the week in style.  Read Arlen’s “Quotation Quotient” in the Sunday Monterey Herald’s Lifestyle online.

Don’t forget we often have last minute guests as well.  Thanks so much for listening and please tell your friends, family, and co-workers about my show.

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