The Morning Show August 12 – 16

Michelle’s on.  Hal’s off.  Enjoy a great Radio Monterey week!

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Here’s what we currently have scheduled.



7am: Jeff Gaines: FAT, BROKE, and BUSY:  Escaping America’s “Never Enough” Culture:  Effectively Manage Your Health, Wealth, and Stress

7:30 Joey Racano of Talk about the Bay

8:00: Emma Ramirez of the California Youth Connection

8:30: Bill Monning


7:00 Andrea Davi of The Peninsula Pilates Project discusses how they help breast cancer survivors discover their health

7:30: Luana Conley discuesses the Open Space Access Initiative

8:00: Victoria Law author of “Resistance Behind Bars” will discuss the Prison Hunger Strike

8:45 Juan Escamilla of KRxA sponsor Wilsons Tire and Service


6:30 Paul Swain and Susan Tiffany of the Salvation Army will talk about the services available through the Salvation Army and what communities can do to help out.

7:00: Walter Brasch author of “Fracking Pennsylvania” discusses the dangers of Fracking

7:30: Will Harris author of “Power Now” joins to talk about Lessons in Self-Worth for ~Everyone~ from the Upcoming Film THE BUTLER(starring Forest Whitaker and Oprah Winfrey

8:00: Anita Finlay author of “Dirty Words on Clean Skin” discusses Hilary Clinton’s potential candidacy

8:30: Nasar Shansab discusses the recent Middle East Embassy Closings.


7:30 Media Matters

8:00: Jack Quirk

8:45 Eric Peterson of the Green Party


7:00 Steve Goings from both the NAACP and the Peace Coalition of Monterey County will speak on about 2 events commemorating the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington

7:30: Reyes Bonilla Executive Director of Shelter Outreach Plus will discuss homelessness and their programs

8:00: Arlen Grossman’s Quotation Quotient

8:30 Ann Jealous and Caroline Haskell discuss: “Combined Destinies: Whites Sharing Grief about Racism”

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