The Morning Show February 10 – 14

Just hammerin’ out this newsletter under leaden February skies.  The California rains are so welcome.  It reminds us that despite all the technological advances, we remain as dependent on mother nature as we ever have.  Wealthy countries, families, and individuals may have insulated themselves but, as a species, we are perhaps are at even greater risk of environmental catastrophe than we were in the 14th century when the Black Death wiped out 30-50% of the population of Western Europe.

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Monday –

6 – 6:30 – Weekend news recap.

8 – Local pro-Israel activist Gil Stein basks in the glow of his award as CAMERA‘S 2014 Letter-Writer of the Year.  (CAMERA stands for Committee for Accuracy in Mid-East Reporting).

Tuesday –

7 – 7:30 – Michelle Jackson and the P.G. Perspective.

7:45 – Holistic health with Glenn Sadowsky and Optimal Health Acupuncture and Bodywork.

8- LA-based political blogger Marta Evry returns to the Morning Show to discuss the scramble to replace Henry Waxman in Congress and Ted Lieu in the State Senate.

8:45 – Car Talk with Juan Escamilla from Wilson’s Tire and Service.  Call Juan at (831) 476-0370.

Wednesday –

8 – Clare Mounteer from the Monterey Rape Crisis Center discusses ways to protect yourself and your family and to get help when needed.

Thursday –

7:30 – Jeremy Holden from Media Matters casts a jaundiced eye on the right-wing media machine.

8 – “Ask the Sheriff” – Monterey County Sheriff Scott Miller that is.

8:45 – Eric Petersen from the Monterey County Green Party discusses all things Green.

Friday Free-for-all +

8 – Arlen Grossman’s Quotation Quotient is your opportunity to win a great prize.  Don’t miss Arlen’s column in the Leisure Section of every Sunday’s Monterey Herald and every month in the Foolish Times.

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2 Responses to The Morning Show February 10 – 14

  1. Scientist, downstairs says:

    Your comments about Israel are dangerous and ill informed. As a former Fulbright Fellow who lived in Israel, i can tell you the country is not going away. Get used to it. Serious pressure to destroy the country would be a disaster for the whole world.
    On a more general note: The west invented the notion of Arab Nationalism. We are seeing that it leads a marginal existence. It is being replaced with the older, more entrenched ruling paradigm of the region: sectarianism. Open your eyes. Don’t be like the GOP and live in a world of complete theory driven fantasy.
    Another note: There are no Jews in Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Saudia Arabia, etc. There used to be. They were forced out. Do they get UN compensation? And if a Palestinean country is formed in the west bank the first order of business will be to rid the area of Jews. OK, right? Where is your outrage? In contrast, there are more than a million Moslem arabs in Israel, and they vote, hold jobs at universities, attend universities, live next door, own businesses, etc. And woman, of all faiths, can drive.
    Do you know that I was invited to Saudi Arabia for a technical meeting two years ago and had to turn down the offer once I got the visa application? The first question on the form is not your name, it is ‘Religion’. Really? Incidentally, no one in Israel never asked me my religion.

  2. The Lesser Rusty says:

    Hal- Easy/tough poll. Hard to pick ‘tween ’em, as any one would be interesting to me. Must go with Big Ed, though, as I’d probably bore him the least.


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