The Morning Show June 30 –

What a difference a week has made.  When I sent out the newsletter last week, I anticipated that Radio Monterey would be gone by now..  Instead, we have a talented motivated new owner Solarzar all ready to take the reins Tuesday morning.  I’ll still be involved in a consulting role and my 3-hour morning show will stay right here.

My scheduled move back east remains unchanged.  I leave early Tuesday morning but will do a show – very likely my last in Monterey – Monday morning.

You’ll have warmed-over Hal for a couple of weeks starting Tuesday.

After Netherlands crushed Spain – the previous World Cup champs – 5-1 in their opening game, I predicted Dutch would win the World Cup this year.  I’m not backing down. Mexico and Netherlands square off in about 13 minutes and I’m very glad I can watch on my computer.

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My last live in-Monterey studio show!

Thanks for continuing to be part of The Morning Show and Radio Monterey!

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5 Responses to The Morning Show June 30 –

  1. The Lesser Rusty says:

    Good luck Solarzar! I wish you the BEST! Advertise RM’s existence in print media!

    Hal, I’ve said it many times in the past – Thank you for taking the risk and bring KRXA to market. It has made a difference in my life.

    Good luck!

  2. The Lesser Rusty says:

    Have a good drive, Hal!

    Look at your tires each time you stop and start.

    Solarzar- How will this new set-up be any different then cable TV? You’re on the cusp of the new era in radio, and it will be a much short haul then the 50 years it took for cable to dominate broadcast TV.

    Advertise! A business with no sign, is a sign of no business 😉

  3. Larry says:

    Sorry that you are going and gone. I only wish we could have met at some time during the last nine years. When I was in high school I wanted to get into radio, at least until I was a sophomore, and then I gave up that ambition. Well, overall maybe it was the right choice then. Good luck back on the East Coast. Perhaps sometime I will be back there visiting DC and Baltlimore/Philly, to catch some baseball games. Finally, Go Giants!
    Larry Freitas

  4. The Lesser Rusty says:

    I’m going to bore many today…

    I’ve always been confused by the term Neo-Liberalism, especially when used to describe people and policies of the Neo-Con administrations of the last 30-odd years.

    But I’m starting to get it. It’s a school of economic theory that favors unrestricted capitalism – ostensibly. The game here is to let the rubes buy into the simple ideal of free markets that flow toward aggregate goodness. The rubes have an idea that they are becoming liberated from the influence of governmental overlords and are maximizing their freewill.

    Yet as the levers of government are bent and broken from the machinery of society, and the rubes dutifully get less and less of a return on their continual investment of tax dollars, the apex-predator advocates of these Neo-Liberal economic ideals are busily reattaching the levers of governmental control so as to line their pockets and insulate themselves from a society they have coached into a Kevorkian-like destruction.

    These are some of the ideas about which Randi Rhodes used to speak.

    The Buffer Zone and Hobby Lobby rulings by the Supreme Court fit neatly into this strategy. The corporation has been empowered with more abilities to control all citizens based on a feeling the board of directors has about God, while these same citizens, now on the other side of the street, are dis-empowered in the pursuit of legal activities at the abortion clinic. It’s a lose-lose for the individual that is sold fantastically as an increase in personal liberty.

    So, if the corporation that is feeling the Holy Spirit can deny the citizen a legal activity to protect the corporate board’s religious feelings of that moment, why won’t these rulings allow the corporation to DEMAND a citizen to ACT in a way so as not to damage the religious feelings of the board?

    If the religious sensibilities of the corporation must be protected, may the corporation demand the employee –

    Not dance?
    Not drink?
    Not smoke?
    Not eat meat?
    Bow to Mecca?
    Attend Church?
    Shun the heathen?…

    What if a Chinese-state company purchased an American corporation? May the Taoists demand that the female employees have only one child? May she get the freedom to choose between forced adoption, termination of the pregnancy or termination of employment?

  5. The Lesser Rusty says:

    Who wants Stephanie Miller LIVE in the a.m. while HG is on his world tour?

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