The Morning Show March 28 – April 1

halSorry for this late post. I’m in Scottsdale, AZ, with my son William enjoying SF Giants spring training. This is a great new experience for me. The desert is beautiful and we’re enjoying the more casual atmosphere at games. Obviously, I’m off until I return to MD so enjoy the reruns Monday – Tuesday.

My latest long-form column is “Bernie or Bust?” Read it here if you haven’t already and please share. It has excited a tremendous amount of online interest at Dagblog.

Wednesday (times are east coast) –

9:30 – Listen to “Cliston”. Observer columnist Cliston Brown brings you unmatched insights into the political process.

11 – Children’s book author, movie producer, and ardent environmentalist Lynne Cherry returns to the Hal Ginsberg Show to discuss the tragic death of nature photographer Gary Braasch and their long-time collaboration Young Voices for the Planet.

Thursday –

11:30 – “Green Eric” Petersen discusses current events from the Green Party perspective.

Friday –

11 – “Friend of Hal” Arlen Grossman helps us finish the week in style.  Read Arlen’s “Quotation Quotient” in the Sunday Monterey Herald’s Lifestyle online.

Don’t forget we often have last minute guests as well.  Thanks so much for listening and please tell your friends, family, and co-workers about my show.

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