The Morning Show May 14 – 19

My final week in Maryland this month coincides with the final week that Stephanie will be on 6-8a.  Starting Monday May 21, Coach and I will kick off your morning drive at 6 with AM 540 AM or some such morning show.  Let us know what moniker you favor.  And, for the Miller diehards, Marcia in Santa Cruz made an excellent suggestion: “Consider airing Stephanie in the evening.”  So, we are.  Check out the poll at our home page and let us know if you would like to hear Ms. Miller and her gang in the pm and, if so, where.

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Here’s what’s on tap:


Monday –

8 – Independent Carmelite Ron Kabat will be on to discuss his campaign for Congress. Cabat and Monterey Green Eric Peterson are among over a dozen challengers to Sam Farr.

8:35  – Our 27th District Assembly member Bill Monning discusses the state of the State of California.  Next year, Bill will vie to be our state Senator.

9:30 – The Grove Market’s Lori Taylor makes your mouth water describing the delicious lunches and prepared foods available every day and KRXA’s longest-running sponsor.

9:40 – As a coda to Mother’s Day, Sybil Nelson, author of the Priscilla the Great series shares insights into relationships between working moms and their children.

Tuesday –

9:25 – Arlen Grossman’s Quotation Quotient is your opportunity to win a great prize.  Don’t miss Arlen’s column in the Leisure Section of every Sunday’s Monterey Herald.  Read Arlen’s latest musings at

9:45 – Juan Escamilla from Wilson’s Tire and Service joins us for Car Talk.  Call Juan at (831) 476-0370.

Wednesday –

8 – 9 – Articleman provides the finest analysis of the American political scene anywhere.

9:45 – Eric Peterson from the Monterey County Green Party discusses all things Green.

Thursday –

8 – Radio host and blogger Jack Quirk shares his progressive Catholic perspective every month.

9 – James Allen, CEO of Allterra, talks clean green energy.

9:30 – Glenn Sadowsky from Optimal Health Acupuncture and Bodywork may provide his holistic health perspective.

Friday with Coach/Friday Free-for-all +

8 – 9 – Had enough of Couch? Welcome to my world!  Too bad, Coach and I will kick the ball around for the first hour of the free-for-all.

9 – Talkin’ sustainable style with Michael Baetge of SC41 Furniture at 2647 41st Avenue in Soquel.


And, every morning the stock markets are open, at 8:33 or so, we have the Integrated Wealth Counsel Market Report.  Learn more about award-winning Investment Advisor Integrated Wealth Counsel at

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5 Responses to The Morning Show May 14 – 19

  1. Frank in San Diego says:

    Hi, Hal.

    What’s up with the seven minutes of silence every hour today?

  2. Couch says:

    Frank, I told Hal using subtitles on radio wouldn’t work. “The Silence is Golden News” by our Hearing Aid sponsor needs some fine tuning…Thanks for trying to listen…Coach KC

  3. Paula Pelot says:

    As an early morning commuter (6:30 am) from Marina to Santa Cruz, I look forward to the Miller show am most disappointed by this change. Moving the Miller show to the evening will not help at all unless you move it into the 5-6pm slot (the next commute hour.) Although I have been a longtime listener of KRXA (and supporter of KRXA sponsors), I find that way too much of the Karel show is about him personally and, although I may be interested in his political point of view, I’m really not interested in his personal life; For that reason, once I gave up on trying to find the few minutes of substance in his show, I finally just stopped listening and switched to other stations on the commute home. Perhaps you could reconsider the schedule and put Miller into the late afternoon time slot and moving the Karel show to a later time. That way, commuters (probably the station’s most listened to time) will be able to listen to Miller, still, once a day. Otherwise, I most likely will be cutting out my listening altogether, I suppose, and that’s sad (for your sponsors, too.)

  4. Just Joe says:

    Steph gets plenty of air time, happy for a refreshing change to the morning show. Welcome aboard, happy to have the both of you.

  5. John says:

    Hal- glad you got rid of her-She’s a lovely gal but that show of hers was so tired and predictable- and that inane laughter just became like a presence of cheap perfume that gives you a headache. I’m sure you and Coach will come up with interesting on-point material after you start rolling. Thanks for the station as overall it very much has a place here.

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