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halHope you’re looking forward to a great Thanksgiving week.  As has been my practice, I plan to be live all week.  I intend to take off at least the week between Christmas through New Year’s.

I have uploaded two new posts since last week.  I wrote about recent campus upheavals here and respond to a former Bernie supporter here.

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Monday (times below are Pacific) –

6 – 9 – Weekend recap and news.

Tuesday –

7:45 – Holistic health with Glenn Sadowsky and Optimal Health Acupuncture and Bodywork.

Wednesday –

Thursday –

8:45 – “Green Eric” Petersen from the Monterey County Green Party discusses all things Green.

Friday Free-for-all +

8 – Arlen Grossman’s Quotation Quotient is your opportunity to win a great prize.  Don’t miss Arlen’s column in the Lifestyle Section of every Sunday’s Monterey Herald online and every month in the Foolish Times.

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  1. Shade says:

    Heard you say to a caller last Friday that you hadn’t heard before that many of the Obamacare Marketplace co-ops are closing and that many people who rely on Marketplace coverage in rural areas are now faced with untenable premiums. I posted information about this to TalkBack almost three weeks ago.

    The article I posted had a fuller explanation than you came up with during the call. As is the case with the majority of issues that have arisen with Obamacare, Republicans are making hay of problems they purposely created or problems they purposely forced to continue. The problem in this case isn’t so much that the insurance companies operating the co-ops are playing games – the problem is that to get a budget out of Congress in the past few years, Obama had to let Republicans defund the co-ops. Therefore to date, the co-ops have only recvd $0.13 on each federal dollar that was originally promised to help them defray the initial costs of enrolling already sick people.

    An additional problem for the co-ops occurred when Republicans chose to hold Obama to his promise that “you will be able to keep your existing insurance if you like it”. Thus instead of enrolling in the co-ops and broadening their operating base, many relatively healthy people ended up being allowed to keep cheaper (but virtually worthless) policies that should not rightfully be called “insurance”. Those that did enroll in the co-ops tended to be sicker as a group than had been expected.

    The above circumstances all combined to make the rates the co-ops initially offered unsustainable, and the expenses that the co-ops previously incurred (while offering low rates) have become unrecoverable. Just this year state regulators in 10 of the 23 states with co-ops prohibited continued co-op operations because of weak finances – more are likely to be shut down over time for the same reason. (All 50 states were initially supposed to get co-ops, but Congress nixed that idea from the get-go because this appeared to some to be a backdoor to a single-payer model.) The shutdown of the 10 co-ops also resulted in a default of over $1 billion in federal loans that the co-ops had received to help them defray initial start-up costs. Now as a result of the shut-downs, many that live in rural areas are being forced to buy insurance from companies that no longer have much (if any) competition and prices are rising astronomically
    My previous post from TalkBack: (Sunday, Nov 1. 2015 06:39 AM)
    To enhance competition & keep premiums low under ACA, govt initially loaned $2.4B 2estab 23 nonprofit co-ops w/promises of continued support. Unfortunately, Congress later attacked co-ops resulting them receiving only 13¢ on ea $1 originally promised. Claims have also been higher than expected. Ten co-ops have folded this yr defaulting on $1B+ in loans – more at risk. To date this leaves ½M ppl 2find new coverage. Some r now only offered a sgl ACA provider & thus plan prices r increasing.

    P.S. – I think my posts about HRC being charged with a felony are just as prescient. LOL. I hope for our country’s sake I’m wrong, but if you upset a powerful person in government & they decide to take you down, charges like what HRC could face are SOP to get the job done. For more links & info see here:

    The information in the following link is not the best, but you said you wanted to see something from The Washington Post before you would consider believing HRC has some very serious legal concerns. The links I posted here are actually better (including some from the WSJ):

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