The Morning Show Sep 12 – 16

Before looking forward, let’s look back.  Last week, Coach and I preempted the Stephanie Miller Show’s second hour on Monday and Friday.  This was clearly controversial with very mixed responses from you.  Some loved the extra Morning Show hour others hated it and still others really really hated it.  Well, I love controversy.  I believe talk radio should be stirring so I am delighted with your passionate responses pro and con.

What do you think?  Would you like a third hour of the Morning Show, with Coach and me co-hosting from 7-8am before I continue solo from 8-10?  Or, is this a terrible idea?  You can email to me your reaction but better still would be either 1) to post a reply at or 2) to join KRXA’s fan page on facebook – fivefortyfriend – and to share your thoughts there with the KRXA community.

Here’s what’s on tap this week:


Monday –

8 – 9/11 Truther Barb Honegger joins us to discuss her testimony in Toronto at the 9/11 Hearings there on Friday 9/9.

8:35  – Our 27th District Assembly member Bill Monning discusses the state of the State of California.

9 – Patrick Madden  – new Executive Director of the United Nations Association of the USA – will preview his speech on Wednesday at MIIS “US Policy toward the UN — What Now?”

9:30 – Lori Taylor from Pacific Grove’s Grove Market tells us the delicious weekly lunch specials at KRXA’s longest-running sponsor.

Tuesday –

9:25 – Arlen Grossman’s Quotation Quotient is your opportunity to win a great prize.  Don’t miss Arlen’s column in the Leisure Section of every Sunday’s Monterey Herald.

9:45 – Juan Escamilla from Wilson’s Tire and Service joins us for Car Talk.  Call Juan at (831) 476-0370.

Wednesday –

8 – Articleman from helps us make sense of the bewildering political landscape.

9 – Monterey County’s top cop Sheriff Scott Miller joins us for KRXA’s exclusive – “Ask the Sheriff” (please note new day for Ask the Sheriff).

9:45 – Eric Peterson from the Monterey County Green Party discusses all things Green.

Thursday –

8 – Jack Quirk returns for his monthly appearance to discuss his Quirk Perspective.  Jack’s work is found at

9 – Author Rebecca Costa returns to the Morning Show to promote public libraries and specifically the Pacific Grove Public Library.

9:30 – Glenn Sadowsky from Optimal Health Acupuncture and Bodywork provides his holistic health perspective.

The Friday Free-for-all +



And, every morning at 8:32 or so, we have the Doolittle & Ganos Market Report.  Learn more about award-winning Investment Advisor Doolittle & Ganos at

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7 Responses to The Morning Show Sep 12 – 16

  1. Shade (LOL Hal, LOL) says:

    I think Coach & you should schedule yourself to co-host The Morning Show from 7-8 AM. Then when you actually arrive on your recumbent bike out of breath at 8:05:59, you can take over the show.

    Truthfully, I’m not sure it makes much difference to me what time your show starts as I’m usually asleep until about 8:00. I currently use your voice as an alarm-clock. Starting early would probably initially disturb my beauty sleep, but I’m sure I’d soon learn to ignore even your voice (more than I already do).

    If I really had my druthers, I’d have Bill Press start his live show a couple of hours later & use his show as a lead-in to yours. Listening to part of his show at night is part of the reason I sleep until 8 AM. While Stephanie Miller can be informative & humorous, I frequently find her show simply inane.

  2. mark says:

    Big Steph fan,here. I can always hear her whole show on Green, the SF station. I know Hal does not like Steph. Lots of us do, though, so ya pays your money and ya takes your chances! Free market. If Hal thinks listeners are tuning in to hear the same six locals call in to his show, then so be it.

  3. Wendy says:

    I’m a huge Steph fan and not a Hal fan at all. Not in favor of pre-empting Steph’s show.

  4. Will says:

    I like to ease into my mornings and start the day in a good mood. Harsh Hal and his anti-Obama rants are not what I want to wake up to. Also, if you have to point out that you’ve made a joke and have to explain it indicates you’re not really funny. I thought your rational analysis of your skit was funnier than the joke itself. Kill your inner lawyer Hal. Start the day the silly Steph way.

  5. Paul Henri says:

    Hey Hal, come on man, lighten up, we need some levity in this world we live in right now, and IMJ Steph provides that. I could care less about her “shameless self-promotion”. Karel, does the same thing. Frankly, I would prefer 2 hours of Steph and less of Karel. he annoys the hell out of me frankly and is kind of rude at times.

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