Who is Hal Ginsberg

Hal Ginsberg was a trial attorney in the District of Columbia for 13 years before he became involved in media. From 2005-2014, he owned and operated KRXA 540 AM in Monterey, CA.  On AM 540 and then exclusively at radiomonterey.com and halginsberg.com until June 2016, he hosted the Hal Ginsberg Show.  Hal has had guest columns published in the Monterey Herald and Monterey Bay News and Views.  Currently, he blogs at halginsberg.com and Progressive Maryland.  He has won numerous accolades for broadcasting including:

2015 – Online Media Awards Judge.
2012 – Breathe California’s Clean Air Leadership Award Central Coast
2011 – Monterey Weekly Best DJ
2009 – Monterey Weekly Best DJ
2008 – NAACP Monterey Spirit of Partnership Award
2007 – Peace Community of Monterey Best Talk Show

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  1. Larry Freitas says:

    Good shows lately. I don’t know how many people listen overall, but would it be possible to have your program podcast on a terrestrial station? Just asking? I guess Stephanie Miller has a number of radio stations broadcasting hers. It would be great to get syndication of yours, but I imagine that would take $ and sponsors to do it. I’d think it would be cheaper than what you did before, buying and owning a station. By the way, not a peep out of Randi Rhodes. I guess she’s enjoying life in Costa Rica.

  2. Larry Freitas says:

    Another comment. I just had my very first SSI check deposited in my checking account. Since I mostly worked in the public sector, I am not getting much out of SSI, but believe me, it is a great help overall to get that extra money, along with my Calstrs pension. It was during Reagan’s time that SSI distributions were cut for those like me who worked both in the private and public sector. A** H*** Reagan! I’d be getting twice as much SSI then, along with the Calstrs pension. When I hear Rethuglicans call things like SSI and Medicare for that matter “entitlements” I want to scream. They’re earned benefits. I worked for them!
    And it isn’t surprising that since Reagan’s time, when the 401K was invented, that defined benefits from employers in the private sector have basically disappeared. No surprise that. It’s all part of the race to the bottom and how some of those with the money back in the 80’s, with Reagan’s election, planned to tear apart the middle class that was created out of the Great Depression with FDR’s New Deal, and the post WW2 Prosperity. Now this nation is in the state it’s in with the huge gap in incomes between the 1% and the 99%. It does not lend itself to social or economic justice, let alone democracy!

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